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A whitepaper all about Webmart

Richard News, Webmart News

Pelorus Consulting’s whitepaper:
The way-out Webmart Story

We’re delighted to have worked with those lovely people at Pelorus Consulting on their latest white paper. It’s entitled:

Six winning ways to inspire your employees in the workplace: the way-out Webmart story

Its goal is to give insight and practical steps for CEOs, Senior Managers and Business owners to motivate and engage employees.

You can download the whitepaper by clicking the picture below.

It’s fascinating to see how Pelorus Consulting, an entirely independent organisational strategy business, quickly caught on to how our Marxist-capitalist model really empowers, and works to give back to the hard working teams in all our yellow sheds.

But don’t take our word for it – grab yourself a copy and take a look. Don’t worry, there’s an executive summary on page 3 for those of us who are time-strapped.

That’s all of us, right?

Click to download a copy of the white paper

Click to download a copy of the whitepaper

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