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Environmental Focus

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Webmart environmental focus logosAt Webmart, we have a strong environmental focus and a joined up approach to environmental management, which encompasses both our suppliers and customers.

The ISO 14001 Environmental Standard

Webmart is accredited to the internationally recognised ISO 140001 environmental management standard. This requires that we operate a formal Environmental Management System that is certified by a 3rd party. This accreditation is also one of the most important assessment criteria for new printing companies wishing to join our supplier roster.


We are certified by The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC). These Chain of Custody schemes are focussed on ensuring pulp is harvested in ways to avoid a negative environmental impact. Webmart’s certification under these schemes means that our customers can be assured we are buying papers and board from sustainable and responsibly managed forests.

Carbon Offsetting

At Webmart, we track our carbon emissions and these are independently audited by the World Land Trust which then purchases ecologically important habitat in the rainforests of Ecuador to offset our emissions.

“To date Webmart’s support of the Carbon Balanced programme has enabled the permanent preservation of approximately 23,388m2 of ecologically important habitat in Ecuador.

Ecuador is one of the most ecologically rich countries on the planet and yet also has one of the highest deforestation rates of any nation.

With the support of organisations like Webmart, the World Land Trust and its Ecuadorian partner NGOs are trying to preserve this rich natural heritage.”

- The Carbon Program, WLT

We also give advice to both our clients and suppliers, both on offsetting their carbon footprint and more importantly, on reducing it.

For each £1 that our customers offset under our Eco-Print initiative, Webmart will invest £1 into re-afforesting an area of agricultural land in the UK with indigenous hardwood trees – The Webmart Wood! To enhance this environment still further, we have the area actively managed to encourage bio-diversity and all forms of blood sport are banned.

Environmental Control

Download Webmart's Environmental Policy

Download Webmart’s Environmental Policy

Although it’s good to for us to offset our carbon footprint, we know it would be far better to reduce our environmental impact in the first place:

  • Our company car policy has an upper emission limit of 170g/km for 2010, reducing 10g/km per year to an upper cap of 130g/km by 2014. In addition, we always share journeys wherever possible and have a pro-active policy of bike use, including a cycle-to-work scheme.
  • Webmarteers are required to use public transport as much as possible, choosing lower carbon mass-transit options over taxis and efficient new airlines over more polluting companies.
  • 18% of our carbon footprint is in our offices. We have changed providers of electricity to GREEN ENERGY who matches 100% of the electricity they supply us with a supply from renewable power.

The Future

We know as a company that our duty to act in an environmentally sustainable way is an ongoing commitment. Several of our most environmentally aware Webmarteers are working on a new initiative which we hope will revolutionise the way our clients buy from us, while at the same time allowing them to easily reduce the ecological impact of all their printed materials. Watch this space!