Simon Biltcliffe

An unconventional business speaker:
Business. Philosophy. Moderately life-threatening challenges.

Simon continues to bring his unique blend of no-nonsense business acumen and insightful philosophy to business leaders across the UK and beyond. A winner of the UK Institute of Directors Director of the Year award, Simon is acknowledged as an outstanding business creator and thought-provoking imparter of commercial wisdom and is available to spice up and speak at your event*.
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Watch Simon at TEDx 2017

Simon is a one-off. He’s a gruff, challenging, outspoken and dynamic business leader with a glass that’s definitely half full who leaves your head spinning with ideas and enthusiasm. If you want someone who’ll challenge and engage your audience, that’s brimming with business savvy – and if you want someone to make you look good for booking a speaker with a difference – then Simon’s your man!” James Timpson, MD Timpson Ltd


Simon speaks on a massive range of subjects, including…

  • Marxist-capitalism – what it is, how it works and how everyone benefits
  • Building business – how to turn a small business into a successful larger business
  • Trust – the most important ingredient for business success
  • Lean – what it took to build one of the UKs leanest businesses
  • Challenges – lessons learnt from physical and mental challenges


Proudly from Yorkshire, Simon is a self-made businessman and Institute of Directors Director of the Year winner.

  • IoD Director of the Year
  • 2016 Oxfordshire Business Person of the Year
  • Chairman of History Today magazine


Crazy Challenges

Simon interweaves business and philosophy with a smattering of lessons learnt from bonkers challenges around the world…

  • Marathon Des Sables
  • Ice Marathons
  • Mountain climbing
  • Iron Man
  • Barnsley FC supporter

Front Title

"Simon was very inspiring. He showed us that there are other ways of creating value and doing business. There is a point where you can say it is enough, share failure but also share the success with your team."
IMD speech delegate, Lausanne, 2016

Back Title

"I was inspired to start my own business from the talk - and create a company with a clean sheet where everyone can benefit and feel happy and proud no matter how boring the business is."
IMD speech delegate, Lausanne, 2016

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Speaking at the Marketing Academy’s Inspire event at Google Town Hall – London 2016

“I absolutely LOVED your speech, was virtually standing and cheering but I thought it might put you off. I’m glad you got something out of mine because I got big yellow shedloads out of yours.”

Jo Fairley, Founder, Green & Blacks

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* We evaluate each opportunity for suitability. All speaking fees are donated to charity.

If you’re looking for a business speaker who’s hugely engaging, wonderfully honest and who, most importantly, puts his money where his mouth is, then Simon’s your man. We’ve been inviting him to speak at Marketing Academy events for the last 6 years and without fail he informs, teaches and inspires the delegates into understanding that there is another way, be it in business, leadership or life. So whether he’s explaining the success of his Marxist Capitalist business (which works!), or how he completed the Marathon Des Sables, Simon’s openness and humour lands his points brilliantly. Just be prepared for a long Q&A after his talk, as people won’t actually believe he’s real. Camilla Woodhouse, Programme Director at The Marketing Academy