Our Values

Webmart is different

We’re a business whose core motivation is to do good and help those around us while doing business. We’ve developed our own business philosophy called Marxist-capitalism where we use capitalism to generate the income and Marxism to distribute the value created back to the Webmarteers and beyond.

To read more on Marxist-capitalism, you might want to view Chief Webmarteer Simon’s presentation to Oxford University.

We’ve established five key tenets to the way we operate:

Generosity and Kindness
Giving is something we do a lot of at Webmart.

This includes supporting lots of charities through direct donations as well as encouraging Webmarteers to volunteer through a number of initiatives, including paid volunteering days and sabbaticals.

It’s all working very well, because to date we’ve donated over £500,000 to charity and last year each Webmarteer received 47% of their salary as a bonus (see the SEXi scheme for more information). That’s a massive win-win and, we believe, shows the system’s working well for all.

Fun and Enjoyment
We also try and have fun while we work. That’s why we work in a massive bright yellow shed with themed meeting rooms, Wheel of Fortune style give-aways and Printerest Room showcase area with cinema (amongst lots of other fun initiatives)!

We aim to make the fun spill over into the lives of our customers and suppliers too. That’s sometimes difficult to measure; though one thing we do know – the tubs of Webmart retro sweets we send out certainly bring smiles to lots of deserving faces!

As you can see, we don’t just think about ourselves. Far from it; our customers and suppliers – and the wider society – are all core to our plans. We do our utmost to add value to all these groups and they’re central to our every strategic business decision.

We also make sure we don’t just focus on financial value. Intellectual and emotional value are also key drivers for us and lead to a more rounded and fulfilling measurement of value (for more on this see I.E.F.).

Measurement and Transparency

We’ve got a real culture of openness and transparency at Webmart; whether it’s the CEO communicating sensitive but empowering information across the company in his weekly videos or our metrics-driven smart boards displaying performance data across each office, we pride ourselves on measuring and communicating value throughout the business. Only then can we make sensible, results-driven decisions.

Environment and wellbeing
As you can see on other pages of the website, we’re also working hard to do the right thing in relation to the natural world, our work environment and mental wellbeing of our team too.

We’re a little different – hopefully in a good way. We’re a bunch of genuinely altruistic folks who are deadly serious about pushing the boundaries when adding value to our customers, to our suppliers and to those less well off.

If what we’re trying to do resonates with your own values and principles, then why not give us a call on 01869 321321 or email enquiries@webmartuk.com and let’s investigate how we can help each other out.