Intellectual, Emotional and Financial

I.E.F. stands for Intellectual, Emotional and Financial. They’re the three pillars that underpin the way we try and add value to our customers, suppliers and Webmarteers.

Let me explain.

We believe that many businesses have a blinkered, narrow approach to adding value. They focus almost entirely on the financial aspect – as the sole measure of success of the business and of those who drive it. In these cases, innovation and growth needs to add value financially. If it does, then it gets done.

Of course, financial value-add and growth is vital. However, at Webmart, we believe that for a fuller, more rounded working way of doing business, then emotional and intellectual values are just as important as financial. If financial is the lubricant, then emotional and intellectual are the fuel and the engine that provides drive, meaning and satisfaction from the work we do.

All of which has combined to create the mantra that pervades all our business decisions:

“If it adds Intellectual, Emotional or Financial value to us, our customers or suppliers, then we do it.”

It’s a simple but effective filter to ensure we do the right thing for all our partners.

In practice, that means we’re committed to things like training and personal development. It also means that when people suffer from stresses and strains, we help them with counselling and therapy.

And it ensures that when we do business, we create a deeper, more meaningful and more satisfying outcome than you’ll get when you work with most other companies – whether you work for Webmart or with us as a partner.

To find out how we can add I.E or F to your business, please get in touch by calling 01869 321321 or email