Webmart’s SEXi bonus scheme

Webmart has devised a Senior EXecutive Incentive Scheme (SEXi for short) for all Webmarteers.

It’s a scheme that’s designed to recognise the contribution EVERY Webmart employee makes to generating value through our value chain – for suppliers, for Webmart and for our customers. A large proportion of the added value that comes Webmart’s way is then distributed amongst all Webmarteers who’ve been here over two years as an annual bonus that’s paid after the audit, typically in June. The SEXi bonus is calculated as a percentage of base salary.

Here’s Webmart CEO Simon with the SEXi announcement for financial year 2014-15. It was 43.7% of everyone’s salary.

We’re a bit like John Lewis. On speed.

The SEXi scheme works differently depending on how long you’ve worked here. Below are some of the highlights. For the full text, grab the SEXI Scheme PDF.

Day 1 to 2 Years’ Continuous Employment

The Margin-O-Meter scheme – if Webmart invoices more margin than in the same month a year ago, you get a bonus.

2 Years+ Continuous Employment


  • This is a % of your base salary as a bonus: the amount is dependent entirely on the company’s profitability. Payment is made in June.


Webmart loves to incentivise Webmarteers to get involved in charitable giving, with a 50%-75% subsidy depending on charity and years at Webmart.

In 2014-15 our donations totalled £26,768, giving a grand total of over £300,000 given to charity to date.

Webmart Employee Loan Program

  • Up to £5000, interest free.

Webmart Employee Help Scheme

  • Up to £500 per year.