Work Environment

The Yellow Shed of Wonderment

Visitors to our Yellow Shed of Wonderment in Bicester quickly get an idea of how important the work environment is to Webmart!

We’ve invested heavily into making our three yellow sheds as comfortable, as fun and as conducive to productivity as possible.

Here’s just a smattering of some of the innovations we’ve created inside Webmart:

Themed meeting rooms – including Air Webmart and the medieval Pioneers Room

Webmart Gym – free to use for all Webmarteers

Brit-themed Diner – smothered in iconic Brit memorabilia (and a pinball)

Yorkshire room – complete with beer shed, pool table and darts

Wheel of Dreams – a monthly spin to make one Webmarteer’s dreams come true

Happy-o-meter – to measure happiness of Webmarteers

Want to see more? Here’s a video tour of the Yellow Shed…

And here’s a live feed from the Webmart Happy-o-Meter. It works from apps in all our offices that Webmarteers use to show how happy they are today (fingers crossed!)

Move your mouse over it to see the details.

We’ve lots of other on-going developments such as daytime lighting, free food Fridays, free ironing service, chauffeur-driven mobile meeting room – and too many other stress and labour-saving innovations to mention here.

We’ve also not yet mentioned our latest addition…

The Printerest and Cinema Rooms

Of course, we love print. We love the look, we love the feel, and we love the millions of ways it adds value to our customers’ businesses. Simply put, we don’t think there’s ever been a better way to communicate.

So we’ve created a room to celebrate print – where Webmarteers and visitors can come and peruse some of the most innovative ideas in print. It’s there to inspire and to open our eyes to possibilities of print – to new processes and materials and the way data is transforming print by driving up relevancy and working towards one-to-one communication.

The Printerest room also houses our cutting edge cinema and meeting rooms, where we and others who love print can come for presentations, conferences and training days. If your organisation needs a venue or training we’d be delighted for you to use it too! Just fill out the form below and we’ll get back in touch.

So there you have it. Hopefully that’s given you a taste of the Yellow Shed, though you can always check out the video tour on our YouTube channel. We believe we have one of the most fun and stimulating work environments around that helps make Webmart one of the best places to work.