About Us

About Us

Webmart was founded by Dr Simon Biltcliffe in 1996. We have always been entirely self-funded, independent and focused on building trusting and cooperative relationships in the wonderful world of print marketing. We also have fun along the way! 


We have 3 UK offices: our preposterously yellow HQ in Oxfordshire plus offices in Yorkshire and London. Though our background is in buying and managing print services for our customers, these days we’re just as likely to consult on driving up marketing ROI through sustainable integrated marketing campaigns as specifying large volume print. 


We’re a business whose core motivation is to do good and help those around us while doing business. To find out how we invest in our Webmarteers click here or meet the team here.



In 2021 we achieved B Corp status, which we are very proud of. We also work tirelessly on lots of environmental initiatives to support the planet including carbon-offsetting and generating energy through solar power. We’re also ISO 14001 environmental certified. Read more about our initiatives here.


Giving is something we do a lot of at Webmart and we ensure we are using our profit for good. To date we have raised over £700,000 for charitable causes as well as giving away £100 grants throughout the year to charities in need. Find out more about our charitable giving here.  

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For the very best in sustainable multichannel marketing solutions available across the UK, contact Webmart today. Call us on 01869 321 321 for a free consultation.

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