Catalogues are a fantastic way to shout about your products and your brand.

To maximise a catalogue’s impact and streamline the design process, you need the right tech and you need expertise.

Thankfully, Webmart has both. Whether it’s creative catalogue concepting, new ways to leverage your content or resolve catalogue production challenges (such as digital asset or database management); we’ve usually been there, tried the solutions and delivered the results.

Which is why, when these names look to create and print their catalogues, they turn to Webmart’s catalogue design services.

Webmart’s catalogue design services include:

  • Concepting and design/impact consulting
  • Photography
  • Page layout consulting
  • Digital Asset (DAM) and Inventory Management (IM)
  • Database management
  • Copy and editorial
  • Content management systems (CMS)
  • Colour management
  • Print, fulfilment and distribution

Reasons to use a printed catalogue for business?

A well-designed catalogue delivers your brand, products or services straight into the hands of your customers. Not only is it convenient and simple to understand for all ages but it drives brand affinity, website traffic and works across the weeks and months from delivery.

The best catalogues are simple with well-defined objectives, eye-catching and accurate imagery. Delivered directly to your customers, their tactility and easy access in the home creates a lasting, emotional connection with your customers.

Read on for 7 reasons to use a printed catalogue for your business

What to consider when designing for a catalogue More information

It’s always worth having a firm understanding of the basics before you go into a catalogue design project. Our quick guide gives you background on the printing processes, specifications, finishing, packing and delivery.

You might also want to check out our 10 steps to effective brochure design as many of the drivers and design cues between catalogues and brochures are very similar.

When designing your catalogue, you should:

  • Understand who your audience are and keep them in mind throughout
  • Use a simple and clear layout
  • Create an easy to understand and logical product categorisation
  • Ensure accurate colour reproduction
  • User high quality, high resolution images
  • Display simple and accurate product information
  • All calls to action should be clear and compelling
  • Include product specifications, options and pricing 

The colour issue: catalogue design and how to accurately represent colour More information

If you can’t replicate the colour of your carefully designed catalogue and get it faithfully reproduced on the printed page, then not only will you be disappointed with the results but it can lead to problems with brand affinity and product returns down the line. 

So, it’s important to understand the basics of colour management before you put pixel to paper on your latest catalogue design.

We’ve put together a bunch of insightful guides and articles that’ll get you ahead of the game on our Colour Management in Print page.

Our catalogue design services are here to help you improve More information

Our catalogue design services are here to help you improve

We’re specialists in crafting catalogue designs that really enhance brand and sell products. We also have an expert buying team, able to source the best value in the marketplace, streamline your workflow and productions, and create variable data driven products that really hit the mark. 

Our experts are here to help with every step of the process, interweaving our own insight and best practice with your own expertise and creating a virtuous cycle of continual improvement.

Specifically, how can Webmart’s catalogue design services help? More information

Since 1996 Webmart has been helping catalogue marketers design, deliver and improve their catalogues.

Our team are here to help you achieve your catalogue’s design objectives. We’ll ensure your data and assets are clean and fit for purpose before providing a choice of professional and brand-enhancing page layouts and designs that perfectly target your audience.

Once we’ve agreed what versions, customisations or personalisations are required, we take your data, prices and product lists and create your catalogue. We’ll give you proofs to approve before carefully realising your vision in print.

We use a select few of the UK’s best catalogue production facilities to manufacture your work, ensuring the finished product perfectly fits the bill in terms of quality, design and fulfilling your brief.

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Webmart’s Catalogue Design Services are your tried-and-tested route to successful catalogue design, production and distribution. So, if you’re a business looking to improve how your catalogues perform, our growth team and print consultants are here to help. Please get in touch using the form or call us on 01869 321321.

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