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Any marketing campaign lives or dies on the quality of its data. Here at Webmart, we are an ISO 27001 information security certified business, which means data is at the heart of everything we do. We ensure that we only work with the best and most reliable data partners. This allows us to deliver the insight and analysis required by our customers.

What Webmart can do for you

As a data focused business, we have much to offer our clients across the country. Here is what you can expect from us.


Data cleansing

If you’ve ever received direct mail from a company that has spelled your name or address incorrectly, you’ll know the negative impression it leaves on a consumer. At Webmart we apply a number of data cleansing techniques to minimise the chances of something like that occurring with your campaign. We use automated data cleansing solutions, as well as manual ones. Between them, we ensure that your dataset is as clean and as accurate as possible.


Data management

Whatever dataset we begin with is really just a seed for later, more ambitious campaigns. As your campaigns progress, we add to and remove from your data stack. This can be done in-house by our own data management team, or through our external data partners. New data gets added as appropriate, ensuring the most up to date information is being used at any given time. Each time we introduce new data into the system, it increases your companies reach and marketing potential.


Data analysis and audience targeting

At an emotive level, you probably already know who your target audience is. The question is, can you leverage that vision of your perfect customer into an effective data sketch that lets us locate more people like them? We have a team of data analysis experts with decades of experience between them in this difficult field. Using their vast expertise, they are able to draw a data image that best reflects your ideal customers, allowing us to locate more of them through your dataset.


Data mapping and audience identification

Once we know what your target audience looks like as a data profile, we can use our clean datasets to locate people that match those descriptions. From here we can map them to a physical location in order to come up with the most effective marketing plan. Whether we choose a door drop campaign or a direct mail strategy, we will be relying on the accuracy of both our data and our modelling to get the results we are hoping for.


GDPR compliance and training

Compliance with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) has been a legal requirement for some time now. It has certainly made targeted marketing a more challenging proposition, but that’s no excuse for disregarding it. If you or your team are having problems adjusting to these guidelines, Webmart can provide you with quality in-house training to bring you up to speed.

GDPR Compliance

Targeted data buying

Since quality marketing depends on quality data, we partner with some of the most dependable data partners in the industry. These are companies that we have worked with for many years – businesses that we trust and whom we know are compliant with all data protection guidelines. We purchase a range of data depending on your specific campaign needs. Typically, this can be split into three key areas:

Customer data

direct contact details and customer demographic details. This is particularly useful for direct marketing that targets prospective customers through their known interests, purchases, and activities.

Postcode data

this is essential for creating effective door drop campaigns and mapping target audiences to a geographical location.

Depersonalised data

this form of data has been stripped of all personal information. Such data is a popular choice for partially-addressed direct mail campaigns.

Whatever data you require for your campaign, our partners ensure accurate and properly-targeted customer data. This allows you to reduce overheads, by eliminating wasteful marketing attempts and improving your return on investment.

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