Data Cleansing

If you’ve ever received direct mail from a company that has spelled your name or address incorrectly, you’ll know the negative impression poor quality data leaves on a customer. At Webmart we use a range of automated and manual data cleansing solutions to ensure that your dataset is as clean and as accurate as possible.

Free data healthchecks/hygiene reports More information

This is the starting point for improving and leveraging your data. A healthcheck will tell you how accurate and complete your data is. It can also identify data processing methods to help you keep your data up to date ongoing. Data healthchecks identify duplicates, incomplete addresses, gone aways (moved house), deceased, foreign, preference service opt-outs and postcode address file failures.

To carry out a healthcheck on your data, please speak with your Webmart contact. You can read more about data healthchecks here and download an example healthcheck too.
If you’re familiar with the Webmart portal, healthchecks will be self-service through the portal in the near future.

Prospecting/Customer Acquisition More information

Our customer growth team help you find new prospective customers from a range of data providers.

Data providers mostly buy-in data from an assortment of sources and guarantee SLA-backed levels of accuracy.

We help our customers find the best sources of data and use that data to drive their campaigns.

That includes a range of digital campaigns as well as more traditional direct mail, door drop, programmatic and partially addressed campaigns.

We also use data to help customers really personalise their communications through the application of variable data on their omnichannel campaigns.

Data, sustainability, efficiency

As a marketer, you’ll understand just how vital it is to ensure your data is up to date and clean. Not only does it mean that it gives your messaging the best chance to get to the right people at the right time – without alienating those that you don’t want to target – but it’s also better for your campaign ROI figures as well as the environment.

High quality data means that you’re not spending your precious budget unnecessarily. And only sending communications out to those that are most likely to be receptive means that you’re keeping your environmental impact to a minimum too.

And if sustainability is high on your agenda, Webmart is your best marketing partner as all our consultants are versed in helping you keep your CO2 impact to the minimum while maximising your campaign results.

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