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Email marketing’s often the go-to channel for shouting about your products and services to existing customers. And it can deliver impressive results when you do it right – alerting customers to your incredible inventory and driving happy buyers to your stores in abundance.

At least, that’s the theory. But its not always that easy to achieve. And that’s where Webmart’s email marketing team comes in.

Email marketing consulting

First off, we work to understand your business and your customers. We assess your customer data, look at your online presence, your customer offering and your progress so far.

That way we get to know you and your brand and can suggest the best steps forward.

Data cleaning and buying

Those first steps usually include a thorough data assessment. That helps us understand how your data’s stored and how it’s used, and it also allows us to offer a free data healthcheck, as well as looking to clean your data so it’s fit for purpose. That usually helps improve your other marketing channels too.

We can also help you buy new data for customer acquisition – navigating your way through GDPR compliance and targeting new people who’re likely to be interested in your products.

Brand enhancing email design More information

Email design can be surprisingly tricky. It needs to work across platforms, contain light weight code and represent your brand and products clearly and effectively. It also needs to work with variable data and automation as you look to build out or triggered marketing funnels. And, of course, it needs to work in your integrated omnichannel environment, offering your customers the easiest path to brand affinity and product awareness.

Email deliverability More information

Part of the challenge is getting your email into the inbox in the first place – and ensuring you don’t damage the deliverability of your regular emails. And it takes cunning and guile to keep your emails away from those pesky spam filters.

Email content More information

The day-to-day management of your email campaigns is about populating your email template with mouth-watering, enticing content. The latest generation of email platforms (ESPs) use intuitive drag and drop or auto-population mechanisms to make your life easier.

But it still needs the eye of a seasoned pro to ensure it’s the right content with compelling CTAs, and to ensure the whole email – and importantly all your personalisation – is executed flawlessly.

We’ve all had emails addressed to <first name goes here> or to Libby when you’re a Liz. It only takes a minute to damage a brand so it’s worth having expert eyes on the job.

Email automation, triggering and marketing funnels More information

One goal of your campaigns might well be to create automated or triggered marketing funnels. These work for B2B and B2C campaigns alike, and once set up are great for nurturing and nudging and introducing a whole range of products or services to your prospects on their journey to conversion.

Integrating email with your other channels More information

One of the key benefits of working with Webmart is that we’re integrated specialists. Which means while we’re focused on maximising the opportunities delivered by your email marketing, it’s always top of our list to make sure it’s enhancing your other channels too.

Not only do we want the omnichannel experience to be consistent, but it’s always worth coordinating your email messaging with your other marketing to magnify impact and response.

It’s one of the great ways you can work with your Webmart consultant to really maximise every pound of your budget.

Email marketing reporting, analysis and improvement More information

Of course, most of the above is all the ‘doing’ part. The particularly exciting but often overlooked part comes with the cycle of continual improvement.

We deliver clear, concise and accurate reporting along with actionable insight. We’ll assess what’s working and what’s not; what needs chopping, changing or amending. We learn the lessons of what’s working well and make sure we duplicate and enhance it wherever possible.

It’s how we help you know you’re getting the absolute maximum from your email – and your budget.

what our customers say

We have been working with Webmart since 2009 and I now see them as an integral partner to our business. The peace of mind that someone is working flat out to deliver, or exceed, the expected results and outcome, and does not try to just take the easy option, speaks volumes for the dedication Webmart display, and the care they show the client.

Donald Russell

Thank you so much for all your work on the latest mailing. We were saying how great it is to work with Webmart as we have faith that you will get things done – you do things when you say you’re going to – it’s quite refreshing (unfortunately). Thank you!

Ashleigh & Burwood

Easy to work with, quick and accurate responses with fast turnaround times. People looking for professional print should go to Webmart.


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