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PPC advertising is a great way to quickly drive online sales, reaching customers who are actively searching for your products and services and delivering them ready-to-buy into your ecommerce site or lead gen channels.

Why Webmart for your PPC?

Webmart’s team are experienced PPC campaigners. While every brand’s challenges are unique, we’re bold enough to say that we know what works. That’s not to say we’ll skimp on our due diligence. Understanding your brand, your needs, your goals – and your customers – is just as vital as ever. But we’re particularly great at translating that insight into profitable results.

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The daddy of PPC is Google search. But they’re becoming increasingly challenged by social media giants such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok as influencing brands build trust with consumers on those platforms too.

PPC is so effective because it allows you to create an advertisement then drop it into the results and feeds of people who are looking to buy; or people who’re interested in specific, relevant, subject areas.

It’s advertising on steroids – and unlike advertising of old, it’s also particularly highly targeted and controllable. Knowing that, it’s probably no surprise that PPC campaigns can be costly; and that’s why it’s so vital to optimise your campaigns in every respect to keep costs down and results high.

Thankfully, Webmart knows which knobs to twiddle and levers to pull to keep testing PPC campaigns and ensure they’re lean and effective.

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Customer and Goal Analysis

Whatever your goals, it’s vital to establish what you want from your advertising and how that matches with what your customers want. It’s the basics behind all campaigning but it’s vital to be clear as crystal because these fundamentals underpin all PPC campaigns.


Keyword Research and Targeting Tools

Keyword research identifies the relevant keywords that deliver customers to your door – and it also helps you understand cost options, i.e. whether to go for profitable niches or big but costly targets.

Of equal importance in some channels are the platform’s targeting tools. These take data provided by users and present them to advertisers to help them target specific profiles; so they’re very important.


Campaign Setup

Set up your campaigns correctly and you’ll benefit from the start and for the long term. The right structure allows you to focus on quality and relevance to keep your costs low and make your budgets stretch further.


Landing Page Optimisation

Optimised landing pages turn visitors into buyers more quickly so it’s vital to apply CRO best practice and continual testing to ensure you’re maximising that conversion rate and getting the most for your PPC budget.


Click-Ready Ad Copy

Clickbait’s a no-no but ensuring your ads are compelling and click-ready isn’t. Eye catching ads delivered to the right audience at the right time means your copy has to be truly on-point.



Clear, concise, results-driven reporting allows you to quickly see what’s working and what’s not and take those all-important actions to improve.


Don’t just take our word for it

Thank you so much for all your work on the latest mailing. We were saying how great it is to work with Webmart as we have faith that you will get things done – you do things when you say you’re going to – it’s quite refreshing (unfortunately). Thank you!

Ashleigh & Burwood

Good quality and cost effective print solutions saving the business time and money.


I liaise with Webmart from the moment I log on to the moment I log off and it feels like a collaboration rather than a client vs. supplier relationship. He’s super friendly, efficient and knowledgeable which makes my working day that much better. I know if there’s any issues, I can call him any time of day and he’ll do everything he can to help, and vice versa! I have nothing but good things to say and have never had a bad experience.


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