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EcoMetrics, powered by Webmart, is an advanced tool for calculating the carbon impact of  marketing campaigns across digital and offline channels.

What Is EcoMetrics?

EcoMetrics is a carbon calculation tool certified by CarbonQuota. The data provided by EcoMetrics, means that steps can be taken to reduce the environmental impact of campaigns, offset and also communicate savings in carbon emissions. As a result, all marketing campaigns delivered by Webmart can be carbon neutral.


Why Use EcoMetrics?

EcoMetrics calculates the carbon footprint of your entire marketing campaign 

Together, we mitigate the environmental impact by using the data to make informed decisions 

We offset what we can’t mitigate through gold-standard climate schemes 

Finally, we communicate this to your customers. 

How Does EcoMetrics Work?

EcoMetrics is powered by emissions data which is updated frequently as the world becomes more sustainable. Our calculations are certified by CarbonQuota. Where available, we have followed published methodologies and standards to develop EcoMetrics, including PAS2060 and ISO16759 standards.

Where no such standards exist – such as calculating the carbon impact of postage – we have worked with ClimatePartner to independently certify the accuracy of our calculations. 


  • Certified calculations by CarbonQuota 
  • Identifies contributing factors of your marketing carbon footprint.  
  • Empowers informed decisions through critical insights 
  • Introduces new metrics, including carbon cost per acquisition and return on carbon emitted.  

What about Your Impact?

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