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Corporate events and public conventions are a brilliant way to get your brand and business noticed by people who might otherwise pass you by. The problem, of course, is that every other company at these events is intent on the exact same thing. The solution? Get a better event stand or booth than the competition.

At Webmart, we have decades of experience designing, building and installing bespoke event stands for customers across the UK and that’s only the start of what we can do for you.

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What Webmart can do for you

As one of the UK’s top event marketing companies, we have much to offer our clients across the country. Here is what you can expect from us.


Printed marketing collateral

When hosting a booth or stand at any kind of event, the goal is to ensure each visitor walks away with some of your marketing literature. At Webmart, we have been printing high-quality marketing materials for over two decades. We utilise advanced creative and eye-tracking solutions to create effective print brochures, leaflets, and more that truly engage potential customers. We can design the entire product for you from start-to-finish, or take your ready-made marketing materials and hone them to their best advantage. Whichever process you favour, the material will be printed on quality stock to the highest possible standard.


Event stand production and build

The heart of the event or convention appearance is the event stand. At Webmart, we work with a range of experienced designers and engineers to bring your stand to life. They can design your event stand from scratch, producing something that enhances your brand and draws event traffic to your booth. We operate on both ends of the scale, from simple and functional stands that offers incredible value for money to elaborate multimedia display booths that cannot help but attract casual consumers to your table. As well as designing and creating the stands, our team can also install it for you at the event, and dismantle it and pack it away at the end.


Promotional merchandise

Corporate events and public conventions are a great place for visitors to pick up freebies and other promotional merchandise. It is human nature to feel favourably disposed towards people and companies that bestow gifts upon us. Furthermore, these promotional items are often put to use at offices or other workplaces, rather than at the home. This means plenty of other potential customers – including those who didn’t attend the event in question – will hear about your brand. At Webmart, we produce high-quality promotional merchandise to meet every budget. These include such favourites as pens, key-chains, mugs, T-shirts, balloons, and so much more. Whether you want a simply giveaway or something more elaborate, we will produce something special that portrays your brand in the best possible light.


Stand creative solutions

Making your promotional booth stand out from the crowd is an important part of maximising customer engagement and return on investment at events and conferences. This is where Webmart can help you. Our creative team doesn’t just construct eye-catching event stands and booths – we utilise a whole host of techniques to get eyes on your product or service. We print and produce background banners and table banners in your corporate livery colours to really hammer home your brand identity and messaging. We can produce on-table decorations – these may serve a practical use (a holder for some of your promotional merchandise, for instance) or merely act as a conversation starter for passers-by. We work closely with your marketing team come up with something that matches the brand experience you are trying to sell.


Event stand storage solutions

When the event is over, our team of installers will dismantle your stand for you and pack it away. For many of our clients, this is just one step in an ongoing journey – there are often other events and conferences to come. Most of these require the same set-up or a similar one with a few judicious tweaks. We offer tailored storage and logistics solutions to all our customers facing a scheduled seasons of events across the country. We will ensure that your booth or stand is safe and secure between events and that our installation crew is notified to get it out of storage and to the event venue, when required. We can also store your printed materials and merchandise, allowing you to order in bulk for greater savings.

Success Stories

There are plenty of ways Webmart can help you find new channels to market or drive up your campaign ROI. Here’s a range of fantastic success stories to show you what can be achieved.

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