Web Offset Printers: 4 Steps to Finding a Good One

Web Offset Printers: 4 Steps to Finding a Good One


You want to buy print?
You want to make sure you get great quality?
You also want a good price?
You’re scouring the web for Web Offset Printers?
…but you’re not sure where to turn?

It’s a problem lots of print buyers have. And it’s not just web offset printers who are tricky to assess when you don’t know them from Adam – it’s the same for digital, screen, gravure – any printers you can mention. So how do you get the print you want from a reliable, quality printer?

2 Options
There are two possible routes you can follow.

Firstly, you can follow the steps we outline below. These will help you assess whether you’ve found the right printer for your job and give you piece of mind that you’ve made the most informed, researched choice possible.

Or secondly, you can drop down to the bottom of this article to find a shortcut that will greatly increase your chance of success with minimal effort.

Our 4 steps to sorting the best web offset printers from the not so good.


1. Is a Web offset printer right for your job?
Check out this short article to assess whether web offset is likely to be right for your project. It looks at product types and whether web offset will be appropriate. If you’re not sure Web offset is the right process, understand a bit more by reading our marketers guide to sheet fed litho printing or web offset litho printing.

2. Assessing your chosen web offset printers
We’ve made it easy to check you’re asking the right questions to assess if a printer looks like they’ll give you good service and produce a quality product. Of course, each project is different and can bring it’s own issues for the printer to overcome. But check out our New Printer visit Checklist – it’s a great way to know what questions to ask and make sure you’ve covered all bases. This is the form we use to initially assess new printers we work with.


Printing supplier checklist – click to download pdf.

3. Speak the same language
When you talk to a printer, you need to make sure you’re speaking their language. If you don’t, they may not understand precisely what you’re after and could potentially give you an inaccurate quote. The end result could be you get a job that’s not quite what you’re after or a quote that doesn’t cover everything you need. Read our 5 tips for specifying print – including our own print specification form which you can download to use with the printer of your choice.

4. Other things to be aware of
Artwork – Make sure you deliver your artwork how your printer needs it. They usually want a PDF file – for more information, see our guide on how to deliver artwork to a commercial printer.
Preflighting – is a process you or your printer can run your artwork through to make sure it’s set up correctly and includes all the necessary elements. Click for more information on preflighting.
Proofs – if  you’re unsure of your chosen printer, make sure you get proofs back before the job is run. We’ve provided a guide on your options here.

Shortcut to all the above

Finding a printer that consistently provides you with good service, low prices and high quality – and that can print everything you or your business need – can be very difficult and time-consuming. A shortcut is to give Webmart a call. We monitor UK printers and place millions of pounds worth of print each year. You work with our team to help out with your print marketing (they’ve a wealth of useful advice!) and our teams know exactly the right printers for your projects and project manage everything on your behalf. To get in touch for a friendly chat, please contact us.