Your free guide – a marketer’s guide to colour modes when designing for print

By Webmart

Colour Modes – and why they’re really really important when creating artwork.

If you’ve ever spent ages working on artwork for a brochure (or any other kind of print) and the design looks exciting and vibrant on your monitor but dull and lacklustre when it’s printed out, then you’re not alone.

It happens all the time – but why? The short answer is that you’ve probably chosen the wrong colour mode in your software when designing your print.

Whether you’re working in Adobe Illustrator, In-Design, Photoshop or whatever, it’s so easy to start your work in the wrong colour setting which can all too easily result in poor colour reproduction when you go to print.

So, we’ve created this quick and easy guide to help you understand which colour mode you should use for which type of end-result. You’ll learn how each mode is suited to specific purposes and some of the science behind them. You’ll quickly understand hex codes, CMYK, RGB and Pantone and how they all relate to the project you’re working on, even before you’ve started!

Just fill out our form below and you’ll get an immediate link to download the guide. Happy artworking!

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