Brochure Printing – Creating an Effective Brochure

Brochure Printing – Creating an Effective Brochure.


However important it is to choose the right printer to print your brochure (and believe me, it’s very important if you want a high quality, trouble free job!) creating an effective brochure starts much, much earlier.

Before the design and layout and the photo shoot even start, you need to grab a pad and pen and sit down and brainstorm. Because it’s the fundamental issue of choosing and understanding who the brochure is aimed at and for what purpose which underpins the entire effectiveness of your brochure.


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They’re pretty basic marketing questions but are easy to overlook in the hustle and bustle of creating a brochure. A clear and focused approach to understanding both your customers and the role of the brochure is vital to ensure it really hits the mark and is useful to your customers. And if it’s useful to them then, it will be successful.

And it’s the answers to these fundamentals which will impact on your choice of printer or printing press – so listen up! Here are some of the crucial elements you need to look into and analyse to make ensure your brochures success:


  1. Understand your target audience. Who is the brochure targeted at? Ensure everything in the brochure is targeting that audience. Continually ask yourself if each piece of copy or design element will be helping your customer.
  2. Understand what role your brochure plays in the buying process. How will the target audience use the brochure? Is it user-friendly and will the target be able to find what they want from it? Is all the information they need in there, and is there a clear call to action?
  3. Where does the brochure stand in your marketing? If it’s to be used alone, then the brochure will need to contain everything the target audience needs to drive their action. If it’s part of a wider marketing activity, it may need focus more on specific product categories or messages.
  4. How will it be distributed? Here, the printing and distribution processes start to effect the brochure. For example, if it is to be sent direct mail, then paper sizes and weights begin to come in to play. That’s why it can be worthwhile having a printing expert involved right at the conception of your project so they can advise you on your options.


Give loads of thought to all these elements, get it all down in paper and let the results colour everything you, your copywriters and designers do. If you keep your target audience clearly in mind, then you’ve got the right foundations for a successful brochure.

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