A Guide to Postcard Printing and Effective Postcard Marketing

A Guide to Postcard Printing and Effective Postcard Marketing


Postcards can be a very cost effective method of selling to your customers. They’re relatively cheap to produce and deliver and can have a high impact, especially since the customer has no option but to see what’s on it – even if they dont intend to keep it (though if it’s a great offer, most will)!

And used with a high quality mailing list and customer-focused message, postcards can really bring in heaps of business.

Large format, eye-catching creative, single standout message. Job done.


Postcard Camapaign Benefits

  • They’re cheap to produce
  • You can easily measure their effectiveness and calculate your Return on Investment
  • They’re great for driving direct sales – online, through the post or call centre
  • Particularly effective for younger and older demographics
  • They are an affordable method to regularly keep your name and products front of mind
  • They have a high perceived value – especially when they include an offer or coupon
  • They’re cheaper than online PPC Ads in most competitive sectors
  • Your message can be read in less competitive environment, typically in the home
  • Your message is exposed at all times, not hidden behind an envelope or email header
  • They’re great to use with a customer list to drive repeat orders


Postcard Printing Considerations
The most popular size for postcards is 210x148mm, printed both sides in four (full) colour to maximise impact. Postcard printing is usually a pretty straight forward business and the distribution can usually also be carried out by the postcard printer or by a separate mailing house. The card used to print on is typically anything from a 150gsm to 300gsm wood free stock (making sure its size and weight will keep you under any threshold for lowest mailing costs).

Finishing techniques such as cutting and laminating can really make your postcard stand out from the crowd too.

However, successful postcard printing is only one part of the jigsaw. Eye-catching creative which draws in the customer and the tracking of each response is key to drawing in the customer and improving response rates for future campaigns too.


Personalised and triggered postcards

Of course, you can tie in your postcard campaign with customer data to personalise the print and offers on each card to each customer. Or you can trigger printing and mailing by events such as buying behaviours, abandoned baskets, geolocation data – or maybe special occasions such as customer birthdays.


Other Things to Consider

  • Keep your message brief – with one call to action.
  • Good design & writing improves impact, readability and ‘keepability’
  • Add an offer or order code – so you can track the postcard’s effectiveness.
  • Full colour improves response rate and ‘keepability’.
  • So too do offers and coupons.
  • Use a quality data list of customers to maximise response rates. This goes for any direct marketing campaign.
  • Keep the font size above 11 point for max impact and readability for older readers.
  • Drive customers to a custom landing page so you can track their response, capture the sale and cross-sell other products.


Postcards are amazing for driving traffic and sales to your online channel. Or if you’re looking to drive customers to the phones, a quality printing services company or direct mailing house will be able to advise on the most cost-effective ways to deliver to the mailing system – and get you mailmark reporting (you can also get this through Webmart’s free online campaiagn management portal). This will give very specific street-dates, allowing you to staff up your phone lines at the right moment.