Your Two Minute Guide to High Impact Electronic Posters

Your Two Minute Guide to High Impact Electronic Posters


High Impact Electronic Posters. Sound pretty impressive eh? Well, that’s because they are pretty impressive. They’re new, incredibly eye-catching and make products & messages really stand out from the background. If you’re searching for a new and innovative way to promote your business or your products, then these might well fit the bill.

Tell me more…

They’re posters that are four colour printed on flexible plastic sheeting to produce high resolution full colour images. The clever bit is that there’s also a layer of phosphor which is laminated then applied to the poster and connected to a low voltage power supply. Essentially, it looks a bit like a poster with some very thin, low voltage circuitry attached to the back. When the power’s switched on, the phosphor lights up and pre-selected portions of the print illuminate, really catching the eye and throwing vivid colours across the room.

And this is what they can look like:

Michael Jackson high impact electronic poster

High Impact Posters grab the attention and enhance the brand

Despite being lots cooler and more attention-grabbing, High Impact Posters are similar to standard posters in lots of ways. They’re light weight and thin. They’re also flexible, can be used indoors or outdoors (we can make them waterproof!). We can also make them in custom shapes to further enhance their attentiongrabbingness!


Once you’ve got a sign that can light up, it’s possible to control what lights up and when. As you can see in the pictures, they can be sequenced to show up individually or all at once, really attracting attention then adding to the impact of the poster. If you’ve got a clever designer, they can really make the poster come to life in lots of fun and innovative ways.


High Impact Posters are effective replacements for standard non-electronic posters. Here are some of their most popular uses:

  • Posters & point-of-sale
  • Bus shelter advertisements
  • Trade shows
  • Window displays
  • Clothing & hats
  • Safety Items
  • Floor mats


Polish Beer high impact electronic poster

Here’s another. Click the picture to see it animate.

So how do you go about creating your own High Impact Poster?

Well, right after you’ve had a chat with your Webmart Print Consultant, you need to go and brief your designer. All they need to do is create the design in the usual way using their usual 2D artworking packages (such as Photoshop). They then need to visualise exactly what you want to illuminate. We’ll have a meeting where you convey your ideas to us and we’ll go away and get them visualised. That means we’ll take your artwork and create an animating GIF file (simply a graphic file that can show moving images) which will show you exactly how your High Impact Poster will look – they look just like the ones on this page. The only difference between the GIF and the finished thing is that the finished poster is usually much brighter and the colours more vivid.

Posters can be created in more or less any size required up to A0 (118.9 x 84.1) though posters even larger than this can be made by mounting electronic light-up elements on larger non, illuminating posters (you’ve got to really look close to see they’re made up of different units!).

Once you’ve approved your artwork and the cost, production will take anywhere between 6-14 days depending on order numbers (orders into the 000s may take longer than this as each poster takes a while to print and assemble).

Yes, but they’ll cost a fortune won’t they?

Well, they’re more expensive that standard posters of course, but they are also more durable, more effective and longer lasting. Price depends on the numbers ordered and the amount of lighting required (the more complex they are, the more electronics have to be applied).  Pricing also depends on the size of the poster.

Give your Webmart Print Consultant a call to get an idea of options and price – or to see one in the flesh. Or email us by clicking here.