Letterbox Marketing

As online channels become more and more saturated, we’re seeing many brands move over to letterbox marketing. Whether it’s direct mail, door drop, partially addressed or programmatic mail, letterbox is great at achieving that elusive cut-through. Which is why we carry out millions of mailings per year on behalf of our clients – and consult on creative, formats, cost, print and distribution.

Letterbox Marketing

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We work with some of the UK’s biggest brands to create compelling letterbox campaigns.

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How brands are winning through the letterbox

Letterbox marketing is a great way for brands to get their messages, branding and offers straight into the hands of their customers right when they’re at their most relaxed and receptive – when they’re chilling at home.

What’s so great about the letterbox is that it’s a quiet channel, without all the noise and competition you find online. Which means it can achieve amazing cut-through, deliver outstanding ROI, and is excellent for brand building.

That’s because when your customer has your print in their hands, it makes a real psychological connection, building trust and confidence in a way your website or emails really can’t.

Four Types of Letterbox Marketing

Four Types of Letterbox Marketing >

There are four flavours of letterbox marketing. Some are better for acquiring new customers while others are better for retention or reactivation. All are excellent for targeting some require little or no work to ensure GDPR compliance. Hover over the options to the right to discover more about each type…

Letterbox Marketing: Direct Mail

Direct Mail

Along with door drop, direct mail is the backbone of letterbox marketing. DM is any mail that’s personally addressed and mailed directly to a recipient. It’s a fantastic, uncluttered channel that allows your brand and messaging to achieve amazing cut-through and ROI.


Letterbox Marketing - Door Drop

Door Drop

Door drops can be anything from simple postcards or leaflets to multi-page catalogues and product samples. They’re a targeted, tangible and attention-grabbing element of the marketing mix that help you connect with consumers in the home. They’re ideal for driving targeted traffic to your website too.


Letterbox Marketing: Partially Addressed Mail

Partially Addressed Mail

PAM bridges the gap between direct mail and door drops. It allows you to send mail to specific streets and households but without using customer data – so there are no GDPR issues.

Target your ideal customers and drop your mail piece into the hands of prospective customers without having their data beforehand.



Letterbox Marketing: Programmatic

Programmatic DM

Programmatic DM is anything that’s personally addressed and mailed directly to a recipient. So, it’s perfect for using your existing data to target current or lapsed customers


Success Stories

There are plenty of examples of how Webmarteers have been helping brands excel through the letterbox. Check out some of our success stories below to discover what can be achieved.

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