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All the below-the-line procurement needs

Webmart’s marketing procurement platform (WMPP) is transforming the way procurement professionals work with their teams and partner their marketing departments. Based on our scalable and secure SAAS platform, it’s a way for both your marketing and procurement teams to manage and communicate with their supply chains, to control and report on spend and cost avoidance, as well as adding full transparency for the procurement of a wide range of print and marketing products and services.

How can our platform help your organisation? WMPP’s key features in a 2m video:

What does our procurement portal offer?

  • Online print management
  • Stock management
  • Transparency
  • Supply chain management
  • Process improvement
  • Instant estimates and RFQs
  • Compliancy
  • Spend reporting
  • Cost avoidance
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Multi-currency/language
  • Digital asset management
  • Brand management
  • Derisking & business continuity
  • Approvals and sign off paths
  • White label
  • Standardised specifications
  • Permissions

Based on decades of experience working with a huge range of organisations – including King’s College London, Microsoft and the Co-operative – WMPP resolves the problem of centralised control and reporting for both marketing and procurement.

Marketing needs to drive higher ROI, innovate customer communications and source print marketing materials from a range of suppliers without the opacity of old style print managers and print suppliers.

Procurement needs to drive demonstrable cost and time savings and better control of supply chains. It also needs to automate lower value tasks to free up buyers, allowing them to focus on higher value-adding tasks.

WMPP delivers digital transformation, automating processes and optimising buying across a range of marketing spend categories.

How we work

The process is straightforward with the end result being you have your own platform to deliver procurement excellence and reporting.

3 steps

Keeping you in control

WMPP gives you control over teams, campaigns and supply chains. It offers project managers and procurement professionals access to real-time project information including detailed cost-control and up-to-the-second project status reporting. It allows you to manage your supplier rosters and ensure you’re capturing every available saving. It also brings transparency to every transaction. Whether you want a progress report for your team’s peace of mind or a spend and project report for the boardroom, WMPP keeps you in control.

There’s a host of other key features you’ll need to ensure adoption and ease of use too:

Desktop and mobile friendly

Multi-site ready

Security – adhering to ISO270001 standards

Digital asset management and templated specifications

Promo catalogue – covering a comprehensive range of branded merchandise

Print Shop with templated and DAM-managed print for re-ordering

Webmarts procurement platform overview



Your dashboard pulls together heaps of useful information onto one page including:

  • Total spend
  • Projects per month
  • Live projects
  • Spend projections
  • Estimating, RFQs & dynamic pricing

Project Management

Project Management

Project management along with instant estimates, dynamic pricing using live supplier data and RFQ management across your entire supply chain. Plus all your estimates and orders in one place – with details of project numbers and names, quantities, management team and latest statuses.

Spend and cost avoidance

Comprehensive spend reporting fully configurable by product, date, project cost, manager or title and downloadable into multiple formats. We also fully customise integrations with MIS systems.

Webmart print, promo and merchandise shops

Our online print shop allows you to view common formats and product templates. Never lose track of products you’ve had printed again and quickly re-price and re-order print at will. We’ve a full range of personalisable print, promotional and merchandising materials on the portal – quickly browse the latest promo products on the market, spec out your enquiry along with any customising/personalisation detail (using our specification and product templates). For most print specifications, we’ll deliver instant price estimates, and we simplify reordering and store all your orders and artwork for future use.


Future and bespoke development

We’re continually rolling out new improvements to our core suite, but we also develop online tools and content specifically for customers with a particular need – usually where there’s an opportunity for ROI improvement or business growth. If you want to find out more – or have a business need that you need to fulfil – enter your information in the form below and we’ll get back in touch to see if we can help.

Digital transformation is changing the way marketing is sourced. At Webmart we’re driving this change.

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