A quick guide to eco-friendly event materials

Eco-friendly event materials

We all know events are a fantastic way for many organisations to get in front of their ideal customers, and that having a noticeable and memorable stand is really important.

With many events coming up in the near future, it’s a great time to review your promotional materials and signage to see if there are opportunities to improve the design and make it more eco-friendly.

Increasingly, brands are more considerate of the environmental impact of their operations, and the promotional activities shouldn’t be any different. We’ve worked with plenty of clients on finding more eco-friendly alternatives for their existing print and promotional items. The huge variety of products on the market can be overwhelming, but here is our breakdown of what options there are to look for.


Promotional Merchandise


Branded stationery

Even under the broad umbrella of ‘stationery’, there are so many different eco-friendly options. For products like notebooks, the most common eco-friendly options will be between recycled paper and standard FSC paper.

However, there are plenty of new and innovative techniques to make paper, like apple notebooks, which takes parts of apples that aren’t ‘useful’ and fuse those with FSC paper to create unique apple paper.

Pens also have a whole host of different options to choose from. There are many made from recycled plastic, and be sure to see if there are details on the origin of the plastic (post consumer waste, ocean plastic and so on).

There are also many pens and pencils made from alternative substrates, like wheat straw, recycled carton, or even corn plastic, which is fully biodegradable.



Most eco-friendly coffee tumblers and water bottles available are made from recycled plastic. Ask about a breakdown of the type of plastic, and the percentage of the drinkware which is recycled to ensure you are choosing the ‘greenest’ option.

There are also lots of options for branded thermal bottles. These are generally metal and come in a variety of different looks, with options to either print or laser engrave branding. Some options look very similar some very well-known brands, and others have a more unique look, but all can keep drinks at the perfect temperature and are always popular.

Glassware is also often overlooked, but with options to brand or laser engrave recycled glasses, these are another eco-friendly and different option.



Signage and stands


Event stands

With heaps of event stand options to choose from, there are lots of eco-friendly options available. Many modular event stands offer the flexibility to construct the ideal stand to your needs, whilst being formed with fully recyclable boards.

Whilst regular roller banners are more durable, if you plan to change the graphic on the banner regularly, an eco-roller banner is a great option. These are made with cardboard hardware and a paper-based banner, making them fully recyclable and reusable if looked after properly.


Outdoor signage

Outdoor banners, flags and signs don’t necessarily need to be made from materials like PVC. There are multiple alternatives available like eco-friendly flags, which are made of a fabric which is created from recycled plastic bottles.

Likewise, there are options for fully recyclable and even biodegradable cotton banners.


Event materials – planning and design

We offer full end-to-end support when planning for events. Our design team can help create eye-catching graphics to use on your stands, and our experts can support with choosing the best eco-friendly promotional items to give away to visitors.

Along with producing your designing and producing your event stands, we also install and dismantle the stands for you.

We also have extensive experience working on more complex cardboard engineering for bespoke stands, so if you’re looking for something different and a bit special, get in touch!


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