Dollar bill challenge for Tom Clancy’s The Division

We love getting involved in creative and crazy projects. And here’s a great example.

In Ubisoft’s console game, Tom Clancy’s The Division, the intro sequence shows a hybrid small pox virus being released into Manhattan through virus-infused bank notes (eek!).

So a brief came in to Webmart to procure 6000 single dollar bills for a Ubisoft marketing event. Their idea was to plaster Shoreditch art wall with the bills – to cover over a fabulous mural of the game created by media agency Monorex (they also designed all the in-game graffiti).

Not only would the wall have a massive visual impact – let’s face it, it’s not every day you see a wall plastered with bank notes. But hidden behind some of the notes would be lots of prizes with gamers encouraged to strip off the notes to get the prizes and uncover the mural.

That’s everything from a copy of the game to a free console!

As you can imagine, we were well up for it.


The only problem is that there’s the potential for lots of unforseen implications if you’re using real currency. First off, buying a few thousand single dollar bills is going to be tricky in the UK. Plus there’s also the issue of defacing legal tender which, we all agreed, might open up a can of worms.

So the decision was made to create our own version which we printed ready ‘defaced’ with the green poison in-game graffiti.

Happily, we’d previously produced a bunch of notes for an instore competition for Game, so we knew the look and feel would be pretty close to a real bank note – as close as we could get short of raiding a Travelex!

And so, we printed and delivered the notes and left Monorex to do their thang.

You can see how great it looked in the photos and video. And Ubisoft were delighted with the impact on the day with game fans around London grabbing fistfuls of notes to claim their prizes.

And it’s not only the prizes that went down well. The notes themselves have become a bit of a collector’s item with quite a few popping up on Ebay since!

Well done to all involved. And if you’re reading this and have an unusual print challenge – call us on 01869 321321 or fill out the form below. We’re always up for it!

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16 Oct 2019
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