Richard Boon appointed as Managing Director at Webmart

Richard Boon appointed as managing director at Webmart

By Webmart

A quick summary

Former Sales and Marketing Director, Richard Boon, has been appointed as Managing Director of the print marketing and procurement firm, Webmart.

Having been at Webmart for 13 years, the 31-year-old has worked across technology, customer services, sales and marketing. He previously leading the sales department to their most successful year in recent times during the last financial year.

Richard was initially head hunted as a 17-year-old following a “Dragons Den” style pitch to Webmart CEO Simon Biltcliffe, Peter Jones and a panel of other business angels. He becomes the first Managing Director in the company’s 24-year history.

Biltcliffe commented: “Richard has shown over the years not just ability and intellect, but a distinctly different management style which works exceptionally well with the unique approach Webmart has in delivering it’s integrated marketing solutions. He is the right person to take Webmart forward to deliver exceptional growth in the future”.

After starting as an Account Executive on large gaming accounts, Richard learned fast from a very supportive team before moving to work as an Account Manager, then leading his own team as Account Director and, 18 months ago, Sales & Marketing Director. He comments: “I am thrilled to have the opportunity to expand on successful strategies and build on the long history of experiences I’ve earned through my years at Webmart. We have a unique business model, a wonderful and talented team and the components to take us into the future with ease. Our strong financial position combined with proprietary technology and strong partnerships with our supply chain enables us to deliver leading edge solutions to an evolving marketplace”.

Richard came into the role on 1st April, the first day of lockdown. Despite the challenging circumstances, Webmart have experienced record months in new business. Boon comments: “Transforming and evolving our business, faced with adversity from the effects of a global pandemic doesn’t naturally create a compelling and confident environment to step into the future. However, I am optimistic that the strategy we are delivering will create strength in an unprecedented set of market conditions. In recent history, there has never been a more difficult period for leadership and I know that our transparent, optimistic and collaborative approach will provide the integrity needed to get the Webmart family (clients, team, partners and suppliers) through this difficult time. In these times, leaders and businesses need to be agile to solve complex problems. We have a 24-year history in this approach and so I feel well armed to take us beyond this turbulent time”.

Richard Boon took the helm at Webmart on 1st April 2020, the 24th anniversary of Webmart. He is focussed on delivering and leading the company strategy based on the unique model Webmart operates.


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