Save 50% Off Your Marketing

You Could Save Up To 50% Off Your Marketing

If you are a business based in South Yorkshire, you could be eligible for a 50% funded marketing package to support your growth with funding from the Business Productivity Initiative.

If you are eligible for the grant, you will receive 50% funding for a project, including a tailored marketing package through Webmart.

The grant covers projects from £5000 up to £24,999, meaning you could invest in a bespoke marketing package up to the value £24,999 for £12,499. Find out if you’re business is eligible below:


Your business must answer ‘yes’ to the following questions. 

  • Does your business pay business rates to any of the following local authorities? Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham or Sheffield. 
  • Is your business categorised as a Small to Medium Sized Enterprise? 
  • Has your business been established for at least 12 months and operates from a commercial premise? 
  • Does your business generate most of its turnover from trading with other businesses, or, will your application demonstrate how the grant supported project will lead to this? 
  • Does your business have private finance available, either your own, from a bank or other commercial finance to invest alongside the grant? 
  • Can you demonstrate financial viability of the project and the need for grant support? 
  • Can you confirm that your business / project will not be engaged in the following industries / activities? 
  • Retailing or providing localised business to consumer services. 
  • Day Nurseries 
  • Fishery & Aquaculture Primary Production 
  • Synthetic fibres / textiles & clothing Shipbuilding 
  • Coal & Steel 
  • Banking and Insurance Generalised school age education 
  • Processing and marketing or agricultural products. 
  • Has your businesses received less than 200,000 euros of state aid over 3 consecutive fiscal years? 
  • (Barnsley based businesses only) Will you participate in Barnsley Council’s Employee Promise Initiative? Further information will be provided by the Enterprising Barnsley Team. 


More Information

Download our guide here: Business Productivity Grant



If you have answered yes to all the above, then give us a call to discuss your marketing needs prior to your application so that you will have a fully integrated campaign planned out by an award-winning agency before you apply. We will also support you through the application process. You can also get in touch with your relevant authority to discuss the Business Productivity Grant further. 

All Business Productivity projects must complete by December 2022 and all claims must be submitted by businesses by the end of January 2023. 


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