The Dos and Don’ts of Email Marketing


The Dos & Don’t Of Email Marketing


Email marketing is such an important channel in the marketing mix, and every brand will use it in a different way. Here are our top dos and don’ts for email marketing.


Do Establish Your Goals

Before launching any email campaign, you need to ensure you’re clear on both who your market is and what the purpose of the campaign is, and finally, what you would look to see in the results to indicate success.

We would always recommend using email marketing alongside other channels in a larger campaign, and so you might consider what role the email plays in your overall campaign goals. This planning is vital, and it’ll guide the copy and call to actions (CTAs), as well as how you measure and attribute results to it.


Don’t Send Everyone The Same Email

Segmenting your contacts so they receive more personalised and relevant emails is super important. You can segment in so many ways, and it will really depend on how much data you have, and your aims.

A charity might segment their donor list by those who are regular donors, those who maybe donate once a year, and those who donated as a one-off. A charity might even further break down those 3 segments to personalise their appeal further, and their goals for each of those segments might even vary.

Tailoring your copy and call to action to appeal to each segment will make your email all the more relevant and impactful.


Do Make Your Subject Line & Copy Compelling

When drafting the copy for the email, refer back to who your recipient is. This will be easier to do if you’ve segmented your data as you’ll have a good idea of your audience. Writing for them will help ensure your copy is relevant and appeals to their interests. And it goes without saying, but don’t include too many words – keep it short and sweet!

Having a compelling subject line will undoubtedly see your open rates improve. Short, concise subject lines are important, but it’s best to not be misleading or too cryptic and leave out words such as ‘free’, ‘help’ or ‘reminder’ which can land your email in spam. You could even personalise the subject to include the first name of the recipient.


Don’t Include Too Many CTAs

You want to make it super easy for your recipient to know what you want them to do – make the CTA clear and obvious. If using a button, make sure it stands out and isn’t too small – it’ll help when being viewed on a phone.


Do Test Your Email Before Sending Out

It’s important to send out a test before launching the full campaign. You can make sure that the formatting is correct, that the personalisation fields are pulling through correctly and it appears how you want. A spam check is also helpful in seeing whether your email will pass the different security measures of each email platform. Lastly, it’s imperative to view it on a variety of devices – what works on a desktop might not work on a phone!


Don’t Hold Onto All Your Data

This might seem counterintuitive, but if you have a pocket of data of recipients who don’t engage with your email marketing, consider unsubscribing them yourself. It’s good practise to cleanse your data, and if recipients aren’t interested in your offering, these un-opens will be affecting your email list as a whole as it will be seen as spam.

You can always send them a final email asking them if they would like to stay on your mailing list, which can also remind lapsed recipients and customers to re-engage with your brand. If not, remove them.


Do Make Your Unsubscribe Process Easy

It’s tempting to make it a bit tricky to unsubscribe from emails in the hope that it will make your recipients reconsider doing so. However, it’s best practise to make the process easy. Not only does your brand look responsible which builds trust, it also reduces the likelihood of your emails being reported as spam, which can have a huge impact on your deliverability.


Do A/B Test Your Emails

A/B testing is important to continually improve your email marketing campaigns. Testing everything from subject lines, segmentation criteria, CTAs and timings can help guide future campaigns.


And Finally, Do Consider Integrating With Your Offline Channels

Email marketing works exceptionally well with offline channels like direct mail. Depending on how you structure your multi-channel campaign, email marketing can be an effective reminder nudge to convert direct mail recipients, improving the success rates.


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