Webmart recognised alongside Nike, Starbucks and Zoom for putting people first

Webmart recognised alongside Nike, Starbucks and Zoom for putting people first

By Webmart

A quick summary

Back in March 2020 at the start of lockdown in the UK, CEO of Webmart, Simon Biltcliffe mentioned on a LinkedIn post how the company were re-purposing laptops to donate to low income students in Barnsley who may not have access to the technology needed to access home education.

Last week, Forbes listed Webmart as one of 10 compassionate companies demonstrating empathy to others during the worldwide pandemic.

Biltcliffe commented: ‘We’re delighted to be mentioned in such august company in the Forbes article. It shows whatever size of company you are, you can make a difference to the community you live in and all businesses have a duty to help in whatever way they can to help the least well off in society.

Using everything in your power to benefit others is not just common sense if you want a cohesive society and a sustainable future, it’s a duty that we as business leaders should have to make the world a better place. We each have a role to play in this and our re-use of old laptops is just one of many examples of how we at Webmart try to make the world a better place, every day.

As someone no less than Sir David Attenborough said when asked what is the one thing we can each of us do to make the world have a sustainable future, it is “Don’t waste”. (See attachment: credit and copyright BBC).

This applies to all areas of like: things, opportunity, time, human and natural resources- strive to help build a better world every day in and out of work with as few as resources as possible.

I’m glad we have been recognised globally now for doing this, and my forthcoming book “The Next Capitalist Revolution” will hopefully shed a light on an alternative, profitable AND sustainable way of achieving this’

Webmart’s core motivation is to do good and help those around us while doing business, and we will continue to do so during these difficult times and beyond.

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