Your Guide To Data

Your Guide To Data 

Highly relevant, up to date and accurate data is a key resource for modern marketers. Having quality data means that you can: 

  • Ensure you are contacting customers at the correct address 
  • Understand which customers are inactive so you can reach out to them 
  • Gain an understanding about buying preferences 
  • Avoid GDPR penalties and upsetting customers 


Types Of Data Services: 


Healthcheck/Hygiene Reports 

This is the starting point for improving and leveraging your data. A healthcheck will tell you how accurate and complete your data is. It can also identify data processing methods to help you keep your data up-to-date. Data healthchecks identify duplicates, incomplete addresses, gone aways (moved house), deceased, foreign, preference service opt-outs and postcode address file failures. 


Customer Profile Analysis 

After analysing the remaining healthy data and combining it with spend information, a customer profile document can be created for customers. This will show data such as age bands, gender, marital status, social demographics, occupation, children, location, property details, financial information, charitable support, holiday details, interests, vehicles, supermarket and shopping spend, ecommerce, social media and online interests. 


Data Modelling 

Data modelling analyses real data then draws assumptions from that data to inform future actions.  

For example, if you have a data file featuring existing customers with spend data, modelling will allow you to identify the highest spending customers, then add customer traits to them, such as where they live, occupation, marital status and so on. Once that’s achieved, the modelling software can then find common traits linking these high spending customers (creating a modelled profile) then match that profile with other highly similar prospective customers from a new database.  

An alternative approach is to take an existing customer archetype or profile document then use that to find similar matches within fresh prospective customer data. 



Data & Webmart Solutions 


Direct Mail 

Your house lists are used to send print to customers as addressed direct mail. Our data services are used to keep your lists clean and up to date and ensure your addresses are complete and correct. We can also add new prospective customer data to your lists allowing you to acquire new customers. 


Door Drops 

As above but using anonymous and therefore GDPR-compliant data to target the postcodes most likely to buy your products and services 



Programmatic mail is data-driven, matching your customers’ digital touch points and activities to trigger personalised mailings. 


Partially Addressed Mail 

Similar data targeting to Door Drops, using targeting that doesn’t use individually-identifiable data to find likely customers and send mail to individual addresses. 


Print Personalisation 

Print that’s personalised to the individual using data driven inkjet or laser printing can produce highly relevant print that contains offers, vouchers and creative which targets each individual’s shopping habits and preferences. The effect of personalised print can be extremely high conversion rates and increases of revenue per customer. 


Data Acquisition 

If you would like to target a wider reach of consumers, we can help you acquire GDPR compliant data. Working with our external data partners, we can add the contact details of individuals who are most likely to become customers.  


Handling Data 

Any marketing campaign is measured by the quality of its data. Here at Webmart, we are an ISO 27001 information security certified business, which means data is at the heart of everything we do. We ensure that we only work with the best and most reliable data partners. This allows us to deliver the insight and analysis required by our customers.  


If you are interested in enhancing your campaigns by using targeted data, give us a call today on 01869 321 321. 

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