Webmart sponsors food parcels for disadvantaged households over Christmas

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Barnsley-based agency sponsors food parcels for disadvantaged households over Christmas 

  • Webmart, a print procurement agency based in Barnsley and Bicester (Oxfordshire), funded the food parcel provision for Darton West Ward, Barnsley over the festive period 
  • Through the Darton West Ward Alliance, comprised of local residents and three Ward Councillors under the governance of Barnsley Council, the agency was able to sponsor 70 food parcels for disadvantaged families in the area 
  • The agency was featured in Forbes in September for “putting people above profits” during the pandemic after repurposing and donating old laptops to children from disadvantaged households to assist them studying remotely 
  • The agency donated a total of £30,000 during the month of December to a variety of charities put forward by their staff, suppliers and customers 
  • The agency, since its inception in 1996, has donated a total of over £650k to community efforts and charities. This is funded through their Charitable Cash Pot, or CCCP, which is topped up by the company’s profits. 



(January 2021) A Barnsley-based print marketing procurement agency supported its local community by sponsoring food parcels for disadvantaged families over the Christmas festive period. 


Webmart, based in both Barnsley and in Bicester in Oxfordshire, donated 70 food parcels through the Darton West Ward Alliance, comprised of local residents and three Ward Councillors, all under the governance of Barnsley Council. 

Webmart’s Founder and CEO Simon Biltcliffe said: “Around our Barnsley offices we heard that there were families finding it extremely difficult over Christmas, and so we felt it was very important help the Darton West Ward Alliance support our local community. 

In sponsoring the efforts, we were able to ensure there were 70 parcels available to those who needed it, with the goal of making the festive period a bit easier for them.” 

The agency believes in business growth alongside strong ethical principles – including supporting charities and their local communities, and being environmentally sustainable as a business. 

A key part of these principles is Webmart’s Community and Charity Cash Pot – or the CCCP. This is funded by the business’ profits. Talking about the CCCP, Biltcliffe said: “The pot was created to help people who need it. It has been a tough year for us all and having this pot to continue our ethos of helping others and doing good wherever we can as a business has been even more important this year than ever.” 


The food provision is just one of the numerous actions Webmart has taken to help people throughout the pandemic. Notably, Webmart was recognised by Forbes in September alongside Nike and Starbucks for “putting people above profits”, through repurposing unused laptops for disadvantaged students studying remotely.  

In the month of December alone the agency donated over £30,000 to charities. From this charitable pot the company has donated over £650,000 since the company’s inception in 1996. 

See more about the charities Webmart has worked with here. 



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