Direct Mail: 6 of the Best Articles and Videos on Printing Brain

Direct Mail: 6 of the Best Articles and Videos on Printing Brain


We manage the printing and mailing of such a lot of direct mail from the Webmart Yellow Sheds, it’s nice to share as much of our expertise and learning as we can through these web pages.

The problem is, once you’re on the site, articles can be difficult to find. Of course, you can always contact us to find the most cost effective way to handle your direct mail on your behalf, but if you want to learn for yourself, we’ve pulled the best and most shared articles on direct mail into one place. Here you’ll find articles and videos covering topics as varied as ‘what is direct mail?‘ all the way to increasing your Direct Mail return on investment (ROI) and cost avoidance/reduction for experienced Direct Mail marketers.

So get yourself a cuppa tea, take a break and check out the articles and videos below (all the while making a real difference to your communications and bottom line ROI!)

1. Chief Webmarteer’s Presentation Video – 10 Tips to Reduce Costs and Increase ROI.

tfm&a presentation on direct mail

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From our presentation at the TFM&A Expo at Olympia. We share some of the secrets of maximising the ROI from your direct marketing campaigns.

2. An introduction to Direct Mail

direct mail printing materials

Cost Effective & targeted way to reach your customers

If you’re new to direct mail, here’s an article looking at the components to a successful campaign.

3. 14 Tips to Increase Direct Mail Response Rates

Make your DM highly targeted and drive up response rates!

Our most popular article on Direct Mail. 14 things to consider when creating your printed DM campaign to improve response rates.

4. Royal Mail Price Changes – April 2012


Be prepared for VAT on your mailings!

Royal Mail introduced a host of price changes in April 2012. Their pricing structure is still as clear as mud, but here’s our attempt to bring some clarity, highlighting the main changes you need to be aware of. Note there are new changes coming early in 2013 which we’ll be posting about once the detail has been released.

5. The Effectiveness of Printed Direct Mail

catalogues - lowest cost per lead/order

Your typical catalogue – a great return on investment!

A look at the Direct Marketing Association’s performance benchmark figures. The place to look if you want to know how effective direct mail can be.

6. A Quick look at how to make your Direct Mail Eco-friendly

eco friendly direct mail

How DM can be made truly environmentally friendly

Looking at the issues surrounding making a highly targeted and environmentally responsible direct mail campaign.

To make sure you’re covering all the bases with your direct mail campaign, you can also use our contact form to get in touch with your friendly local Webmart Print Consultant who will be delighted to hold your hand through the whole process!