How Print Marketing Drives Online Search & Conversion

How Print Marketing Drives Online Search & Conversion


Print Consultant extraodinaire Greg Warner gives a 3 minute presentation on how print drives online engagement and conversion, with a close look at some interesting research relating particularly to brochures and catalogues.

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We’ve also compiled the infographic below from a variety of research sources. It gives a window on how print marketing drives online search and ordering – something that’s notoriously difficult to measure unless you’ve got the right multichannel measurement tools in place. But seeing it in this format, hopefully you’ll get an idea of the interplay that’s going on between your channels.

It’s also incredible to look at the relative open-rates and read-rates for print – the kind of stats email and online marketers can only dream of (see the data in the stars).

Does this support the notion that print is fast becoming a ‘premium’ channel in the eyes of the consumer? We’ll let you decide*

Print's Role in Multi-channel Marketing

How exactly does print interact with online channels?

Click the graphic for a larger version.

*The answer’s ‘Yes’ by the way 🙂

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