Product and Packaging Prototyping

Product and Packaging Prototyping


Here’s a New Service for Webmart customers.

You may (or may not!) know that Webmart can produce your printed packaging materials as well as your print. Whether it’s a one-off needed for proofing before you go to manufacture or a run of millions needed by next week, we can help.

Toy Boxes

Toy box with clear plastic cover prototype

If you’re working on new product or packaging, we have an amazing prototyping service. To take advantage of it or find out more, just fill out the form and we’ll get in touch. Dead easy.

And if you’re a creative (or curious!) type, then we’ve produced a video showing new a can of lager being mocked-up. Check it out below, it’s fascinating stuff (and see if you recognise the music!) In many cases we can turn mock-ups around in 24 hours!

Why Prototype?

  • It’s quick and saves you money by not having to go to a print production run for one sample
  • Helps you check your product fits accurately into the box
  • Makes sure you get the colours you’re expecting – no nasty surprises!
  • Ensures they fit on the shelf space
  • Allows you to give it a final once-over for design, artwork and text
  • Great if you need packs for exhibitions/showrooms
  • Our clients to date include: Tesco, Next, Blacks, Wickes, Figleaves, Wilko, Flair to name a few
Product Ranges

We produce whole ranges too…

Pre-press Mockups

We supply single or multiple pieces in card, flute and other materials – and in either white or fully calibrated colour.

If you place your order and provide a pdf of the artwork before 12 noon, we’ll get your single mockup delivered overnight to arrive for start of work the following day.

Pre-press mockups thumbnail

Click to check out our pre-press mock-up range.

Styles of packaging:

  • White and full colour cartons of any size
  • Swingtickets, headercards, CDUs & FSDUs
  • Gift bags
  • Jewellery boxes
  • Gift Boxes
  • Blister Cards

Product Mockups

Product range

Click to see the range of products we can prototype

Our product mockup service includes a vast range of bespoke items such as:

  • Cans
  • Tins
  • Gift bags
  • Foil packs and bottles

Have a look at how we prototyped a lager can in the video below…

To get in touch for a chat about your requirements (or our mockups) please click here and fill out your details and we’ll get in touch.