Putting your Brand into Print (Pt 1)

Putting your Brand into Print (Pt 1)

If the average person in the western world really does come into contact with about 4000 brands per day, then business owners really do have a big headache.

Just how do you push past this ‘noise’ to occupy some of that valuable customer headspace?

Is it a case of simply spending more to raise your brand profile, shouting louder than the next person? Or, is it something different?

In many cases, the answer is…something different.

It may sound obvious, but we don’t have to push past all 4000 brands, only those that operate in our sector or compete for the same spend.

Most research today, on both sides of the Atlantic shows us that strong brands work, generating above average ROI.

How you communicate with customers, your brand values and the way you deliver them from a phone call to an invoice are fundamental to your success.

So what does this have to do with print, your customers and your brand? After all, if most companies still use print, what is there left to learn?

The answer is…lots!

If you need it to, print can underpin your brand and support your core messages, in ways other media can only dream of.

The key is to pick the right channel, for the right message and the right customer/market.

Understanding how your customers will interact with your print is the first starting point. From here, you have lots of options.

Your relationship with Print.
When was the last time you sat down with a good iPad? I am sure the day will come, but it isn’t here just yet.

in a park reading a magazine

We have a long-standing relationship with print that digital doesn't yet have.

In the meantime, whilst there is still a buzz about receiving something in the post, or sitting down with a good magazine or book, I would rather focus upon how I can make my magazine, brochure or catalogue work harder for me.

Especially worthwhile when you look at Royal Mail research which suggests that UK mail order buyers spend 13% more money online if they read a catalogue beforehand.

So, how can we make our print work harder for us?

In Thursday’s follow up article, I’ll look at the specifics of what you need to consider to reflect, promote and reinforce your brand in print.


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