Webmart top tip – a quick way to increase email sign up rates

Webmart top tip – a quick way to increase email sign up rates


Our print consultants always have their collective ears to the ground to find new ways to drive up response rates from print marketing campaigns. Here’s a great – and mega cost-effective – way to get a 40% email sign up rate. And as you’ll know, if you’re segmenting customers and offering real, meaningful and worthwhile comms through your drip-marketing email campaigns – that can be worth its weight in orders!

Webmart scratch cards

Here’s some we prepared earlier.

So, on to the top tip – and this works just as well for bricks and mortar as well as online-only retailers.

Put a scratch card competition in with your deliveries or on the shop counter. A free scratch card is always enticing because you’re compelled to rub it off and see if you’ve won. You then design it so customers have to jump on your website to see what they’ve won.

Of course, you don’t want to be paying out for lots of expensive gifts, so the winning prizes could well be samples of your products; they’ll be cheaper and help convert winners over into customers – I mean they’ve expressed a massive preference in your brand in the first place by entering your store (or even buying from you) so it’s a great opportunity to keep on pushing your brand and products towards them again.

Genius and simple idea to drive up customer engagement. Let us know if you’ve done anything similar in other B2C or even B2B businesses.

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