Webmart’s ECMOD Presentation with the Prince’s Trust

Webmart’s ECMOD Presentation with the Prince’s Trust


Print and Direct Mail’s role in Online Search and Conversion

We were invited along to speak at the latest ECMOD Conference in the Business Design Centre in Islington. The topic was one that’s dear to many of our client’s hearts – understanding how print interacts with the other communication channels to ultimately drive sales. Since it’s a journey that many of us are embarking on, our chums at the Prince’s Trust agreed to come along and share their lessons and expertise and to give us a couple of case studies (thanks guys!)

The Holy Grail of many marketers is to communicate with customers using whichever channel is favoured by the customer – be that online, TV… or print. But to know where to spend your budget, it’s crucial to understand the interaction between the channels.

There are very few of us who have managed to join the dots to see exactly how our communications are working together to lead our customers towards conversion, so we pulled together some insight from independent research conducted on both sides of the Atlantic (some of it summarised in the infographic below the video) and went along to ECMOD to spread the word…

How Print and direct mail drives online search and conversion

Click picture to request a copy of the the stats above – how print and direct mail affect online search and conversion