Catalogue Printing Guide: 7 Reasons to use a Printed Catalogue for your Business.

Catalogue Printing Guide: 7 Reasons to use a Printed Catalogue for your Business.


Catalogues are familiar. Catalogues are durable. They hang around the home or office to be used again and again. And while digital catalogues are popular for display on websites, catalogue printing is moving higher and higher up many marketing agendas. Here’s 7 reasons why.

utopia bathrooms

A pair of high quality catalogues we produced for Utopia

1. Impressions
Catalogues often get used by multiple readers. In a business, they are often used to represent THE approved supplier for a particular product line, which people then refer to when buying items like stationery or office supplies. At home, they hang about for the family to browse, talk about and share.

2. Brand-building
Because of the intimate relationship consumers often have with their catalogue, it’s a great tool for building your brand. The layout, design, logo, style, tone – all build, complement and establish the brand in your customer’s mind.

3. Information source
Many of the best catalogues make themselves indispensible by becoming a valued source of information tailored specifically to their customers. Questions relating to specifications, price and look of products are all there in plain, easy to find and easy to understand formats that are familiar to the vast majority of readers.

4. Readability
Like many printed items, catalogues are durable and flexible enough to be taken anywhere to read. Consumers tend to read them in relaxed surroundings and engage more with their content.

5. Targeting
The best catalogues are highly targeted towards a particular readership or customer. These days, catalogue content can be printed either litho or digital for shorter runs targeting niche customer groups – and can be repurposed for off and online channels, making assets work harder than ever before.

6. Premium channel
With the increased overcrowding of digital channels and the move we’re seeing back towards print, the perceived value of a quality printed catalogue in the customers’ mind has never been higher.

7. Effectiveness
While there’s no doubt that for many businesses a catalogue or brochure is a particularly effective medium, it’s also possible to calculate accurate Return on Investment (ROI) figures for catalogues. Order codes, offer codes, dedicated phone lines, QR response codes, all offer ways to capture the direct response and order values of the catalogue.

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