Print Marketing: 6 Cool Things about Door to Door (sometimes Door2Door)

Print Marketing: 6 Cool Things about Door to Door (sometimes Door2Door)


Door to Door (sometimes seen as door2door or door drop) is the term marketers use when delivering unaddressed marketing communications (typically printed items such as flyers) straight to a customer’s door. Door to door is a particularly interesting part of the print marketing mix because it’s the only marketing medium that offers near 100% coverage of consumers!

door drop - 100% coverage

The only channel with 100% Coverage!

Here’s some more reasons why door to door might be the right medium for you and your business.

1. Receptive Reach
Door to door lands on the door mat and typically finds customers in their most relaxed and receptive state. If the marketing piece has been well designed and targeted, that can mean it’s particularly effective and persuasive.

2. It’s Green
Ok so the scatter gun approach of some marketers may not be that green – but that approach is dying out. These days marketers want the most bang for their buck and to be seen to be green. Sourcing environmental, sustainable papers that are carbon offset and using ecologically-sound printing inks and varnishes means that your door to door item, waste and environmental impact is minimised. Green printing can be good on the pocket too!

3. Double-Targeted
Not only can the marketer target and customise each printed item to precisely-targeted customer demographics, making the printed door to door item highly relevant for specific customer groupings. But they can also select distribution areas by postcodes and by socio-economic groupings, meaning the distribution can be highly targeted too. Both mean a higher response rate.

4. Effectiveness
Some of the best door to door has a single, high-impact message. It can be particularly effective when a response to that single message is encouraged in the form of a coupon, voucher or special offer.

5. Flexibility
Door to door campaigns can be as large or small as your budget allows. That gives you the control to run trial campaigns in small areas all the way up to national campaigns. It also means you can target campaigns by location, running campaigns within a particular catchment area or printing specific messages for particular locales or demographics.

6. Measuarability
By printing particular codes on campaigns, it’s possible to measure the effectiveness of each campaign down to street level. Meaning precise marketing returns on investment (ROI) can be calculated.

Door to door represents a great value, flexible and cost-effective method to contact potential customers directly. For a look at other techniques, why not browse our Print for Marketers section or see articles on Creating Effective Brochures, Measuring Print ROI , Leaflet Design hints and tips, 14 tips to Increase Direct Mail response rates.