Print’s Killer App? Introducing Pocket Cards.

Print’s Killer App? Introducing Pocket Cards.


There are a few features of print which can make it really difficult for other types of communication to compete. Things like cost, durability, portability, convenience, ease of use can all mean that e-equivalents aren’t as attractive to the average marketing budget as print. So imagine when all these elements combine into a single product.


Introducing the Pocket Card

Pocket Cards are small, simple and extremely potent. They’re pocket or credit card sized cards that feature a cunningly z-folded centre. Wherever you have a simple message that you want your customer to have in a convenient and ‘keepable’ format, a pocket card is well worth considering. They fold up into a small form but expand easily to display their contents, collapsing back into their handy size once they’ve done their job. We love ’em.


Here’s some of the most popular uses we (and our suppliers) have come up with. If you can think of others, do let us know.

This is one of the most popular applications for Pocket Cards. They’re an ingenious way to help people plan a route around (or to) your venue – the Pocket Card map can guide the likes of visitors and tourists round museums, exhibition venues, university campuses or national parks (to name just a few). Without having to rely on temperamental technology, people can access the perfect guide by simply opening a Pocket Card map.

Pocket Card unfolded

Pocket Card unfolded showing a double-sided campus map

Product Guides
If you’ve got a suite of products to promote, whether it’s an exciting launch, a specific ‘one off’ deal – or simply a guide to what you sell, the Pocket Card is perfect for showcasing products in a convenient, innovative and interesting way, enabling customers to keep important product information close at hand.

Event Guides
Festivals, concert venues, tourist attractions or even perhaps a hotel that hosts conferences; the Pocket Card can be made to show the venue layout, line-ups, points of interest and seminars in a really easily digestible way. Fans, tourists and delegates alike love the convenience and remember, we can be as creative as you like with die cuts, embossing and foil blocking, even making the cards into actual event passes to offer customers an all in one convenient solution.

If you have crucial information that needs to be communicated on a large scale then the handy Pocket Card is just the job. Used widely throughout local government for communication projects such as delivering council tax advice and bin collection calendars, the card has also proved successful for clients such as the NHS, public transport companies and schools, who have harnessed its potential to deliver vital healthcare information, training manuals and IT support.

The compact Pocket Card is a great way to for charities to help raise awareness and maximise the success of campaigns. Whether being used to drive support, advertise sponsored events or simply encourage donations, this easily retainable card can deliver focused information right into the hands of your target audience.


In their folded up form there are four sizes – mini, credit, pocket and handy. Unfolded, the most popular size folds out to a flat A4 size with standard fold-out sizes ranging from 200mm x 78mm to 600mm x 234mm. There are also a number of personalisation options and, as ever, there are options to have cards from recycled, sustainable forest paper stocks.

For a friendly chat about how Pocket Cards can work as part of your campaign, please contact a Webmart Print Consultant or call us on 01869 321321.