Printed Face Paints – Print Innovation that’s Great for Direct Mail

Printed Face Paints – Print Innovation that’s Great for Direct Mail


If you’re reading this, you’ll probably know that Direct Mail is a great way to communicate straight to your customers (if you don’t understand the power of Direct Mail yet, why not dive into some of our Direct Mail Tag articles to find out more?).

Creating ‘sticky’ content in your Direct Mailing is a great way to provide something that’s useful, informative and attractive for your customers. It’s also one of the points on our list of 14 tips to increase Direct Mail response rates article. Stickiness means it hangs around and doesn’t get binned. It keeps on communicating your brand and messages to your customers well beyond its initial impact on the doormat.

But stickiness can be tricky to find – and get right.

Well we’ve come up with something that’s really sticky and timeless. Namely, face paints that can be printed straight onto your DM and mailed out to customers!

face paint printing for direct mail

Large message area, great stickiness. DM that keeps on working!

For anyone connected with a kid (big or little!) who’s into supporting field sports or teams, you’ll appreciate that sending a DM piece that includes face paints can have real impact. But they’re great for showing support in lots of other ways too, including  promoting corporate branding activities as part of an event or other campaign.

The great thing about sending out DM that includes facepaints is that it means they’re snapped up, shown around, stored, used, kept for later and passed on. If you mail out to the right profiles within your database, you could be on for some extremely high retention rates – and consequently high enquiry & conversion rates.

And they’re not just great for football or sports of course. There’s a wide variety of colours available, so could be used for more or less any campaign targeting kids or parents.

Here’s a list of the basic colours available – though special custom colours can be mixed, meaning the world’s your oyster.

Basic colours: White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Green, Blue, Ochre, Brown, Black, Plus glitter silver, glitter copper, glitter red, glitter, green, glitter light blue, glitter purple, glitter dark blue, glitter gold.

Safety Notice
The face paints use non-toxic cosmetic pigments that are specially formulated for use on skin. However, there are one or two other common sense precautions that should be taken so it’s always worth including a safety notice on any print with face paints. Give us a call if you need our suggested text.

It’s important the face paints are placed on a print-free area to prevent users picking up screen inks and applying those to their faces too. That also includes not printing underneath the face paints.

So what’re you waiting for? Webmart offers a comprehensive print and mailing and postage service (and advice on other things like data processing, downstream access, call centres). So get in touch with your friendly Webmart Print Consultant to find out more. We’d love to chat through this and any other Direct Mail options with you.