Direct Mail Printers’ Guide to QR Codes, Data Matrix Codes and Microsoft Tags

Direct Mail Printers’ Guide to QR Codes, Data Matrix Codes and Microsoft Tags


What are they?
Small printed codes added to print which customers with smartphones can scan and which redirects them, through their phone, to further content/information. This can be a website page, stocking information, pricing information, product videos or any other digital data.

  •  QR codes are open source and most popular.
  • Matrix codes can be smaller on the page but less recognisable.
  • Microsoft Tags are colour but also less recognisable.
Webmart QR code

QR Code  


Why add them?
They’re different, interesting for marketers, drive customers to a specified action, deliver further content to customers and allow marketers to track customer interactions.
Can be printed onto a wide variety of marketing materials to link to further content. Very popular with direct mail printers and marketers to drive instant responses from their customers. They also allow marketers to track responses and gather further information from customers. Common uses include:


    • Divert users to online ordering


    • Display a video


    • Pop open an email


    • Display up to date pricing information


    • Display stocking information


  • Display further product information

    wm data matrix code


  • Most end users probably don’t know what they are
  • They need a compatible smart phone
  • They need to install the correct software
  • They need to know how to use the software
  • Most can be used for free – though more advanced usage & tracking costs

Always print instructions on what software to download and where to get it for customers. This increases user uptake.

, install the following software from App World to read the codes.

  • QR Code – QR Code Scanner Pro
  • Matrix Code – ScanLife
  • Microsoft Tag – Tag Reader

iPhone, try:

webmart microsoft tag

Microsoft Tag

  • QR Code – NeoReader
  • Matrix Code – Bar Code
  • Microsoft Tag – Tag Reader
  • QR & Data Matrix Codes – Bar Code Scanner or Scan Life
  • Microsoft Tag – Microsoft Tag Reader
For other information on ROI and innovations, see Near Field Communications, (another technology blurring the lines between print and digital) and How to Measure ROI from your print.
If you want to find out more about how response codes can work for you, or any other printing innovations that will engage with your customers, get in touch with an expert Webmart Print Consultant who will be happy to advise you FOR FREE.