POS and Poster Printing Innovation. Clean up your act with Static Cling.

POS and Poster Printing Innovation. Clean up your act with Static Cling.


If you buy point of sale items such as printed posters or window/product stickers, you may well be interested in this great product innovation.

Traditional paper-printed posters have been around since the ark (if not, before) and are a totally effective communications materials and a really cost-effective method of getting your message across. But there are sometimes downsides. The tape or blu-tac we use to put them up can mark the walls/windows. They can also be tricky to apply and rely on the skills of staff to be able to get them right first time. And when they need to be moved or changed around, they can rip and leave mess behind.

What’s the solution?
Well how about a poster or sticker that sticks to just about any surface for up to a couple of years without using adhesive? That can be placed without wrinkles or air bubbles by even the clumsiest of staff? And if it’s in the wrong place, it can be simply picked up and repositioned just as easily without leaving any mess whatsoever.

transparent static cling in window

Printed on transparent stock – with no adhesive! Ideal for window displays.

The Product
The product is a poster that’s printed on fully recyclable polypropylene film that’s charged with a harmless static charge. It was originally developed to line clean-rooms where it pulled dirty particles from the air in sensitive engineering areas. However they noticed that its ability to stick to a wide variety of surfaces meant it was an ideal material to display notices on too. It’ll stick on glass, walls, ceilings, wood, screens – pretty well any material you care to mount it on.

You can print any marketing message onto white or transparent stock, meaning they’re ideal for window mounting too. In many circumstances, they’re and ideal sticker, label or poster printing solution.

How can they be used?
Here’s some of the most popular applications:

POSTERS AND POINT OF SALE – Ideal for putting on walls and windows of shops or offices.
CORNER FLASHES – on products such as TVs or appliances.
CAR SHOWROOMS – on showroom or car windows.
VENDING MACHINE INSERTS – simply applied to the inside of the glass.
GUERILLA MARKETING – Can be thrown around for maximum impact.

Dangers of smoking poster

Poster adhering to the wall in a busy doctor’s waiting room

The Benefits

NO MESS – because it uses static to adhere to the wall, there’s no mess or residue left on the wall when it’s removed.
SIMPLE TO APPLY – no skill is required to apply for a perfect finish with no air bubbles. Any staff member can do it.
EASY TO REARRANGE – once new items come in, existing posters or labels can be easily removed and replaced to make way for new promotions.
RECYCLABLE – can be recycled at any polypropylene recycling facility.

And finally, here’s a video presented by Webmart Print Consultant Rich Boon giving you a demo of how static clings work in practise.

corner flash on TV

Product corner-flash – again with no adhesive.

If you’re fed up of mess or have problems with staff struggling with traditional posters or window stickers (or any other POS or poster printing problems) why not get in touch for a quick quote. Our Print Consultants are here to help.