Streamline your Printing – What is Web2Print (or Web to Print)?

Streamline your Printing – What is Web2Print (or Web to Print)?

Many people in larger companies have problems with ordering repeatable items like business cards, letterheads or compliment slips. They can be a real administrative pain in the bum – the processing of orders, the paperwork, the checking of proofs, never mind the overseeing of the entire process to make sure things aren’t being ordered too often and money wasted.

Ordering print from multiple locations and by different people can also cause problems for the management of the brand image – making sure you get the right colours and logos on all business stationery can be a headache, especially if they’re being ordered from more than one printing-provider.

So what’s to be done?
You know the answer really. Software! Isn’t it always the answer these days? The software in question is generally called Web2Print software or Web to Print software (which being that it uses a web-browser to view whatever it is you’re wanting printing, then you send it directly to your printing services provider to be printed – is pretty sensible I suppose!)

What Web2Print software does is pretty cool:

  • It stores of all your printing templates ready to modify (all your stationery templates)
  • It allows you to modify info on all the templates – and upload new templates
  • You can create and approve print-ready proofs
  • You can build in approvals paths & pricing so line managers can quickly approve orders
  • Then you can send directly to your printing service partners
  • It speeds up the ordering/proofing/delivery cycle no end!
web2print-webtoprint-printing software

Changing the details on a business card in some Web2Print software

It makes the entire process fully controllable and accountable – and lets each site or user have access to their own stationery orders. Genius!

To find out more about Web2print solutions, do a Google Search for either Web2Print or WebtoPrint – or get in touch and I’ll try and compile a quick guide of features to look out for and a comparison of some of the best solutions out there.


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