Increasing Craghoppers ROI by 87%

Increasing Craghoppers ROI by 87%

By Webmart

Benefits Delivered

87% uplift in response rates

30% increase in average order value

Increased premium customer brand loyalty

A quick summary

When Craghoppers needed a relatively inexpensive way of deepening customer engagement from their catalogue, we suggested a personalised digital cover. Using segmented customer data we achieved an 87% increase in response rates compared to non-personalised catalogues.

The Challenge

Craghoppers is a leading name in mail order, producing a range of catalogues and brochures throughout the year. Having captured a significant amount of customer data, Craghoppers challenged us to suggest a range of inexpensive ways to improve the return on investment from printed marketing.

How we achieved it

Working within a guideline budget we assessed available customer data and recommended personalised printing with a digital print provider. Ideal for increasing engagement at a moderate cost, we focused our test efforts on already engaged ‘premium customers’.

We then further segmented these premium customers based on past purchases, and adapted key messages and imagery to suit. A number of variable catalogue covers, displaying scenes and products believed to be particularly attractive to those customers were then applied to a standard product catalogue and mailed directly to customers.

From this simple and cost effective level personalisation, customer order value increased by 30%.

What we say

Innovations that combine digital data with new and traditional print technologies are happening all the time and can result in print campaigns that out-perform digital in every meaningful respect. Helping customers drive up their response rates by understanding their problems and turning that into meaningful and innovative campaigns that drive up ROI is what we’re all about and this project was a great example of how we can help a customer achieve that.

We’d love to investigate how we can work together to use your data to deliver improved results from your marketing too. Please fill out the form below to start along your path to improved response rates – or call us right now on 01869 321 321 and we’ll get to work right away.

Simon Biltcliffe, Webmart CEO

Simon Biltcliffe

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