Delivering colour-consistency & predictable print pricing

Delivering colour-consistency
& predictable print pricing for retailer Dibor

By Webmart

Benefits Delivered

Brand integrity ensured

Faithful colour reproduction introduced

Transparent and future-proofed pricing

A quick summary

Dibor are a leading supplier of vintage and French style home accessories. 

They supply direct to customers both online and through printed magazines and catalogues. They were looking to more effectively manage their brand and colour reproduction in print and wanted a way to bring predictability to their print pricing.

Webmart chose printers from their tier one supplier roster to ensure brand integrity was maintained and, specifically, correct colour reproduction of key items was ensured. Future print requirements were assessed and a guaranteed pricing model was introduced to ensure future pricing uncertainties were removed.

The Challenge

Dibor faced two challenges. Firstly, they were having problems ensuring their brand and products were represented faithfully in their printed products. It was crucial that certain key products had the correct colours and that their branding was colour correct too. They had been trying out a number of printers but found problems with colour balance, with one previous printer not using enough ink and another printing with too much yellow.

They also wanted to be able to manage their marketing budgets more effectively, but the fluctuations in print prices was making this difficult.

“Our catalogues and magazines are very important to us as they’re really popular with our customers. So we’re especially happy we sorted out the colour consistency in our latest issues. Thanks for your help Webmart!”

Our solution

Webmart suggested we carry out a pre-production meeting to find a resolution to these problems as well as look at the issues specific to their next catalogue, to ensure things ran smoothly. Dibor required their print to be brand-compliant throughout and highlighted key products which needed faithful colour reproduction.


Colour Management

Webmart then chose a suitable printer who were known to be appropriate for this sort of work, who were keen on price and who had the capability to manage colour from computer through to print. This was managed on-site during the production by a Webmart print consultant conducting a ‘press pass’ an behalf of Dibor to ensure everything ran smoothly and colours printed correctly.


Price consistency

Both parties then assessed future printing requirements and produced a contract covering the next 12 months which guaranteed pricing. It also saved 7% on previous ‘spot buying’ costs as Webmart were able to realise savings by avoiding times of peak-demand and pre-buying paper.

“Fantastic customer service. One of the main reasons I choose Webmart is because of the company’s efficiency and promptness to ensure our projects are completed on time and as per agreed schedule.”

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