Multichannel Campaigning for a Furniture Retailer

Multichannel Campaigning for a Furniture Retailer

By Webmart

Benefits Delivered

Created a multichannel marketing plan to deliver footfall and growth

Ongoing campaign ROI measurement

Process of campaign improvement and budget optimisation

A quick summary

Long-established furniture retailers, Hampton McMurray and Hunters, had a significant marketing spend but weren’t getting the attributable results they needed. They didn’t know the impact of their campaigns and didn’t know what was working and what wasn’t.

After a detailed assessment of historic marketing activity, Webmart identified what was driving footfall and sales as well as activities that were either inappropriate or underutilised, and used that to build a plan of action to deliver tangible and measurable results across multiple channels.

Now Hampton McMurray will be able to see the impact of all their marketing spend and Webmart has created a process of continual campaign improvement, delivering more insight, footfall and growth into their business.

The Challenge

Hampton McMurray – along with its sister-store Hunters – has been delivering high-quality furniture and exceptional levels of service to customers across Scotland since 1952.

For the last seven years, their marketing budget hasn’t been delivering trackable results or much attributable footfall into their stores. Even though they’ve been using press advertising, inserts and Google PPC, they weren’t sure of their results or CPA.

Webmart’s multichannel and media experts went to work to see if they could deliver insight into historic campaigns and create an effective marketing strategy for the future – one where spend and results were clearly understood and business growth was delivered.

How we achieved it

Firstly, we investigated historic activities – looking at costs incurred and any measurement available to discover campaign effectiveness and identify whether any campaigns had actually delivered useful results into the business.

We undertook database analysis, cost per acquisition and online analytics assessment to understand our baseline position and uncover any actionable insight we could build upon.

Once completed, we used our in-house expertise and insight to create a plan of action. We presented our vision of a future where budget could be spent on targeted, tangible & measurable results.

We Uncovered:

  • A tenfold CPA cost of acquisition difference between stores
  • Lack of on-store messaging in high-footfall locations
  • Undefined calls to action across campaigns
  • Ad hoc and untargeted spend
  • No campaign follow up or results measurement
  • Little to no growth or footfall increase

The Result

Our marketing plans include carefully crafted creative with clear calls to action, designed to increase footfall of exactly the right kind of highly profitable target customers.

Channels Webmart are optimising for Hampton McMurray include:

  • Out of home
  • Social media
  • Pay per click advertising
  • Press advertising and media inserts
  • Personalisation across print – including brochures
  • Highly targeted door drop campaigns
  • Data enhancement and improved targeting
  • On-store and In-store

For every channel, we’ll deliver analytics and campaign ROI figures including new customer acquisition, footfall impact and re-engagement/re-acquisition statistics.

And with continual campaign assessment and improvement processes in place, we’re looking to drive more footfall and profitability into both Hampton McMurray and Hunters furniture stores.

If you’re looking to drive increasing ROI from your multichannel campaigns, our specialists are ready and waiting to help. Just call us on 01869 321321 and ask to speak to a multichannel consultant or fill out the form below.

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