33% savings for a high street retailer

33% savings identified for a high street retailer

By Webmart

Benefits Delivered

33% savings on £1 million print spend

£330,000 reinvestment into marketing

Visibility and control across all print purchasing

A quick summary

After using Webmart’s free auditing service, we identified savings of £330,000 across the entire print spend of this large high street retailer.

Our customer is delighted with the savings. Uncovering this massive potential ‘extra’ budget will allow them to re-invest into further campaigns and customer reach which in turn will give them a large scope to further enhance return on investment from their print.

The Challenge

This very high profile high street grocer previously sourced their print from a network of local suppliers. This meant they had to manage multiple points of contact and often meant they were using printers for work outside of their core specialisms. Doing this was leading to inefficient working as well as further outsourcing, both of which lead to higher costs.

After our spend audit, we identified improving and consolidating their supply chain along with optimising their purchasing methods as the main challenges to more efficient print buying.

How we achieved it

We took a basket of goods (a large sample set of everything they printed the previous year), and cherry-picked a range of quality suppliers to create the most effective supply chain for the client’s needs. This included a bias on sourcing locally.

We then allocated each piece of work to the correct specialist printer to ensure the right supplier was working on the right project.

By using our considerable buying power and consolidating the supply chain – and without even re-engineering any of the specifications – we were able to identify a huge saving of 33% across the board on a wide range of print.

This highlights one of the great benefits of using Webmart: because we have suppliers that cover every type of print, we can always ensure your work goes to the right supplier, capturing efficiencies and savings in equal measure.

It also meant our client now only has to deal with one single, expert, point of contact – removing the time-sapping strain of having to talk to many different contacts at a large number of suppliers.

We also worked transparently with this customer, showing them all our purchasing methods, supplier costs and communications. This model works on a pre-agreed cost of service that’s negotiated prior to undertaking the work, and includes all supplier rebates in order to expose all potential hidden costs.

Working this way removes all barriers and suspicions and allows us all to work in an entirely open, trusting and close partnership. It also lets our customers know we’re working hard on their behalf and with only their best interests at heart.

Our print procurement specialists and category managers are ready and waiting to deliver print savings to your business. Please fill out the form below or call 01869 321321 and we’ll start saving you money soon.

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