Innovative edible print increasing Land Rover sales by 40%

Innovative edible print increasing Land Rover sales by 40%

By Webmart

Benefits Delivered

$250,000 of free media impressions

Test drives increased by 37%

+40% YoY sales growth

The Challenge

To form a lasting connection between Land Rover and its target audience, the brand created a practical desert survival guide as a giveaway to all Land Rover owners in the UAE. This guide not only provided extreme tips to stay alive in the desert, but, as a last resort, could be consumed, thanks to special print and paper technology.

How it was achieved

Land Rover designed and produced a survival guide which explained the basics of staying alive in the Arabian Desert and packaged it in a way that would grab the attention of the target audience. The survival guide is made out of edible paper and ink, its metal binding can be used as food skewers, and its reflective packaging can be used to signal for help.

The book was sent to 5,000 existing customers, given away as a supplement to the cars’ manual and made freely available in sports shops. The concept became so popular that Land Rover included the book as an insert in the next edition of a car magazine, with a 70,000 circulation.

The Results

The book was featured in more than 100 blogs and magazines such as Gizmodo, Jalopnik, Huffington Post, PSFK, Fast Company, Creativity-Online, Creative Review, AD Week, Design Taxi, Business Insider, Auto Viva, Auto News World, Bushcraft USA and a whole YouTube episode produced by Rhett & Link. Even food magazines like Bon Appetit and Food Beast took notice. As a result, it garnered over 82,000 shares and more than 62,000 views from one YouTube episode. Overall, the book earned over $250,000 of media impressions with zero media budget.

The number of test drives in the UAE increased by 37%. And the Land Rover showroom in Dubai became the regional top sales dealers for Land Rover with sales up 40% compared to the previous year.

And the book has only 372 calories, which is equivalent to a cheese burger!

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