Increasing a leading publisher’s speed to market by 30% and reducing costs by 20%

Increasing a leading publisher’s speed to market by 30% and reducing costs by 20%

By Webmart

Benefits Delivered

Reduced print spend by 20%

3 extra days to sell advertising space

Increased speed to market by 30%

A quick summary

A leading magazine publisher came to Webmart looking to reduce costs and reduce production time to give them time to sell more advertising space.

Webmart’s consultants and procurement team reduced printing time by 3 days, giving more time for their sales team to sell and place advertising. We also saved them 20% from their previous print prices.

The Challenge

This well-known publisher first came to Webmart looking for a quality supplier for their magazines. They also wanted to find a way to maximize the amount of time they had to sell advertising space – the more time they had, the more advertising revenue they’d receive.

And so our print consultants swung into action…

How we achieved it

Firstly, our consultants worked with our expert print procurement team to uncover ways we could reduce the time taken to print the project.

Our team assessed that if they could get the front cover artwork early, this would reduce the time it takes to print the overall job and therefore increase the amount of time the client had to work with advertisers.

Once the customer had bought-in to this plan, our procurement team then turned to our extensive, quality-ranked supplier network to locate the best price in the market while maintaining outstanding quality.

As a result, we pushed their print deadline back by three days, giving them additional time to sell more advertising space – time that’s vitally important to ensure commercial advertising opportunities are maximised. This has in turn driven up revenue.

And because we track UK print prices and can reach out across hundreds of suppliers, our print quote came in 20% lower than their previous price.

Happy days!! (our customer’s words, not ours!)

Webmart are now a key partner to this leading publisher and offers a massive range of services – not just delivering finished print but creative services, print innovation and design expertise too. The partnership we’ve built together highlights the massive benefits to be found by partnering with Webmart.

It’s always useful to have an agile and flexible print partner that can work with you towards your business objectives. If it’s a service that interests you, please call our consultants on 01869 321321 or fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you.

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