Helping People’s Trust for Endangered Species boost campaign donation value by 56%

Helping People’s Trust for Endangered Species boost campaign donation value by 56%

By Webmart

Benefits Delivered

56% increase in donation value

47% increase in donations

The Challenge

Like many charities, The People’s Trust for Endangered Species (PTES) relies on public donations to fund its campaigns. They had tried door drops once before and found it a successful channel, but they were now interested in finding new ways to improve performance. Our consultants were tasked to advise and help them achieve improvements.

The campaign objectives were to increase:

Average donation value (ADV)

Proportion of regular direct debit donations

Number of postal opt-ins

Number of digital opt-ins

Gift aid opt-ins

How we achieved it

Taking their last campaign as a baseline, we used visual eyetracking technology to assess door step impact. We also applied years of experience in what works (and what doesn’t work) to improve the design, simplify and reposition the calls to action and split-test simple improvements that we expected to improve ADV and donation frequency.

We also improved data source quality and better planning/targeting of postcodes.

PTES’ previous campaign had encountered envelope ink coverage issues. This time, we managed to resolve the issue and offset any cost increase by uncovering a valuable 20% cost reduction for door drop distribution.

The Results

We distributed 200,000 pieces and, compared to the last campaign, the results were stunning. Average donation value was increased by 56% and campaign response rates increased by 47%.

Interestingly, more people opted-in to receive postal communications than digital, probably because print and post is a more trusted channel in a post GDPR environment.

Both regular direct debit donation numbers and Gift Aid opt-ins were improved too.

And given our objective was to deliver incremental gains in a controlled, A/B tested environment, such huge increases in results give a clear pathway towards even more successful door drop campaign improvements in the future.

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